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aromatic garden

located in Sedona, Arizona


UK-certified aromatherapist and author Sharon Falsetto personally mentors students about aromatherapy through the Linguistics of Aromatics™ home study program and through workshops onsite. Sharon is also an experienced consultant.
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Experience a unique aromatherapy education

We provide an unparalleled aromatic education with hands-on learning in our aromatic garden, an operational still room, a working blending studio, an onsite classroom, and exclusive retreats and workshops.
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Join Georgie's Secret Garden™

Become a member of Georgies' Secret Garden™ subscription club and discover what's happening behind-the-scenes in our aromatic garden through articles, photos, and videos. You'll also receive an annual member's wellness box packed full of aromatic goodies!
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What students and clients are saying

“Thanks for EVERYTHING, Sharon! You are an amazing instructor and mentor, and I feel I got the best possible experience in achieving this milestone.” Joanne, Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy graduate
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 Business Botanicals™ Program

From the Aromatic Garden™ 

Workshops for 2019

small, intimate gatherings of between 1 and 4

May 3 – 4: Potions from the Aromatic Garden

September 6 – 9: Secrets from the Aromatic Garden

October 4 – 5: Healing from the Aromatic Garden

Linguistics of Aromatics Online Certificate Program

Study at home for a comprehensive education in aromatherapy through our certificate program! Learn aromatherapy for personal or professional use and understand how to use essential oils safely and efficiently. Sedona Aromatics is a NAHA Approved Provider for aromatherapy education courses.

Reflections From Georgie's Garden

Business Botanicals for the small aromatherapy business

Business Botanicals for the Small Aromatherapy Business

Business Botanicals for the Small Aromatherapy Business I came up with the Business Botanicals™ program after I had similar requests over the […]

Sedona Aromatics Brand

Sedona Aromatics Brand Products

Sedona Aromatics Brand Products Sedona Aromatics brand products are a great way to show your love for our business! Your […]

Planting an Aromatic Garden One Pot at a Time

Planting an Aromatic Garden: One Pot at a Time

Planting an Aromatic Garden: One Pot at a Time Planting an aromatic garden doesn’t have to be a big job. […]

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