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I am learning more through your course than other (leading) aromatherapy schools which I have studied with previously!

Sheila S

Online Aromatherapy Certification in

Community Aromatherapy

Beginners (Level 1)


Learn to use essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols safely through easy to follow lessons, assignments, and projects. Study materia medica and get to know the plants that you are working with in your products!


In this course you'll learn to make infused oils, massage, facial and body oils, inhalers, body and facial sprays, salts and scrubs, and compresses.  


An optional final assessment module can be added on to meet NAHA Level 1 Education Standards as a certified aromatherapist.

Online Aromatherapy Certification
Indie Business
Online Aromatherapy Certification

Online Aromatherapy Certification in

Professional Aromatherapy

Beginners to Intermediate

(Level 1 and 2 combined)


Learn to use essential oils, hydrosols, and carrier oils safely in this extremely comprehensive aromatherapy course. Leave class with the knowledge to set up professional practice or business in aromatherapy!


In this course you will learn to make infused oils, massage, facial, and body oils, sprays, scrubs and salts, candles, aromatic perfumes, diffuser blends, bath bombs, body butters, lotions and creams and more!

Why Online Aromatherapy Certification with Sharon Falsetto Chapman?

Online Aromatherapy Certification with Sharon Falsetto Chapman

My name is Sharon Falsetto Chapman, BA (Hons) and I am a UK-certified aromatherapist, a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist (NCPA)®, certified herbalist, and botanical perfumer. I’ve also been serving on the Executive Board for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) since 2018.

Healthcare has been my jam since the 1990’s, followed closely by aromatherapy since the early ’00’s.  I’m a published author, writer, editor, creator, consultant…with a ton of experience!

Let me educate you on how to become the best aromatherapist in today’s changing world, with a strong emphasis on botanical aromatherapy. Learn from my experience and get to know aromatherapy on a level that isn’t offered anywhere else. I studied aromatherapy through distance learning (before online was an option) so I totally understand the challenges involved with online aromatherapy certification (in addition to the many advantages!). Who better to mentor you?!

Come visit me virtually to learn more!

Why Choose Sedona Aromatics?

  • One of the best online aromatherapy certification and classes options out there!
  • Looking for a low cost, quality aromatherapy education? We have you covered!  Scholarships are built into our certification courses (no application necessary) and privately funded by us, making your education affordable and one of the best out there.
  • Don't you hate it when you sign up with an "expert" but never get direct access to them? Not with us! We are hands-on. Literally. Sharon personally mentors all classes and courses.
  • Travel too costly to classes? No problem. We are online and worldwide, direct to your home.
  • Looking for a personal connection? Each student matters to us – personally. Yes, that means you!
  • Busy schedule? Work on your schedule, not ours!

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