About Our Founder

About Our Founder

UK-certified aromatherapist and author Sharon Falsetto personally mentors students about aromatherapy through the Linguistics of Aromatics™ home study program and shares years of experience and knowledge through our new online botanical aromatherapy membership club. Sharon is also an experienced consultant and works on various projects with clients to help get their aromatherapy business or idea launched!
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Planting Seeds for an Aromatic Garden: Photo Copyright Sharon Falsetto, All Rights Reserved

Experience a unique aromatherapy education

We provide an innovative method of aromatic education in a new future with an online botanical aromatherapy membership club and one-on-one mentoring with our home study aromatherapy certificate courses. We bring the magic of our aromatic garden and apothecary to you through the power of online learning!
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What students and clients are saying

What students and clients are saying

“Thanks for EVERYTHING, Sharon! You are an amazing instructor and mentor, and I feel I got the best possible experience in achieving this milestone.” Joanne, Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy graduate
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Limited aromatherapy scholarships are now available for

Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

and Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy

Supporting quality aromatherapy education for all!

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