In case you haven’t read my previous posts, I recently created a new web site called Aromatherapy Library.  My idea for Aromatherapy Library is to provide a “hub” of all my aromatherapy articles that I have written for various other web sites and magazines, as people frequently ask me if I have written anything on a particular subject.  This way, I can direct them to the one web site, instead of trying to reach into the far depths of my brain and remember when/where/if I wrote a particular aromatherapy article!  Although I have a relatively good memory, in my opinion 🙂 , I must have written in excess of 700 articles, blog posts and web site pages (not all on aromatherapy but a wide range of subjects) in the past couple of years, a number which is forever increasing, so even my memory isn’t that good!

However, in the process of building my new Aromatherapy Library web site, I decided to amend and re-write my original aromatherapy articles, with a link back to the original place it was published.  Therefore, I find that I am “re-learning” or “re-discovering” some facts about aromatherapy once again!

In addition, I plan to start some advanced aromatherapy studies at the end of the year, if all falls into place (fingers crossed), so I will be learning some new aromatherapy information too!  It just made me realize that you can never have enough facts and information about aromatherapy, however much you think you know!  Its a bit like life I suppose – a continuous learning curve….  🙂 🙂

So, although I hope to provide a wide array of aromatherapy information through my blog, articles and web sites, I still challenge you to go out there and read as many aromatherapy books, articles and other information as you can!  And if you come across something that’s simply too good not to share, please let me know…. 🙂

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