Aroma Business Consultancy™ 

If you are looking for a business or education consultation look no further!

Aromatherapy Business Consultation

An aromatherapy business consultation gives you advice on creating aromatherapy blend lines, writing website descriptions and business literature, writing labels, and other related subjects. It acts as an introductory, “brain-storming” session for your aromatherapy business needs. Learn more about it here.

Education Aromatherapy Consultation

An education consultation allows you the space to ask me about essential oils (safety, use, application methods, etc.), hydrosols (sourcing, use, distillation, etc.), carrier oils (use, aromatherapy products, skincare, etc.), aromatherapy massage, aromatherapy product lines (from an educational aspect, not a business aspect), and any other educational related topic with regard to aromatherapy. Learn more about it here.