Aroma Language™ Writing and Editing Program

Sharon Falsetto Chapman has been writing professionally since 2008 and editing professionally since 2011. She is an accomplished writer and editor in the world of aromatherapy and beyond. She now offers the Aroma Language™ Writing and Editing Program for those looking for professional writing and editing services from a published author and editor.

Published Writer

Sharon is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy (New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2014) which has sold over 7.5K copies worldwide. Sharon is also the exclusive writer behind the Language of Aromatics™ Certificate Program.

Sharon has helped numerous private writing and editing clients with work and publications, including being the co-editor of Ann Harman’s Harvest to Hydrosol best-selling book (BotANNicals, 2015), online classes, articles for publication, blog posts for natural health websites, and more. Check out our reviews page!

Published Editor

Sharon is also the chief editor of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) Journal which reaches over 10K members each quarter. She is responsible for a team of about 8 writers, coordination of themes and topics for each issue, and making sure that the publication reaches members in a timely fashion. Sharon also contributes an 8 to 10-page heavily-researched plant profile for each issue, and an original aromatherapy recipe, based on years of experience as a professional aromatherapist and formulator.

Sharon has decades of writing and editing practice in the aromatherapy and natural health world and can help you with any aromatic writing Phyto-related project.

Do you need a writing coach, one-time editor, or a complete package of writing and editing services? Look no further!