Hummingbirds in Arizona, copyright Sharon Falsetto, all rights reserved
Hummingbirds in Arizona, copyright Sharon Falsetto, all rights reserved

As the end of a long, hot summer approaches, I was reminded this morning of the variety of different aromatherapy tips I have accumulated on using essential oils to repel all sorts of unwanted critters in your home and garden.  I have written a couple of posts about the various uses of essential oils for critters but as I only posted some of my other aromatherapy tips on the Sedona Aromatherapie facebook page, I decided to write a round-up post and put them all together in one place so that you are well prepared for next summer!

Peppermint Oil for Ants, Mice and Rats

Peppermint essential oil is perhaps one of the most useful essential oils that you can have in your home to naturally control critter problems; use peppermint oil to repel ants, mice and rats from your home and garden.  You can add just a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil straight from the bottle to the area in which you have seen the ants, mice or rats – or you can add a few drops in a bowl of water and wipe down around the affected areas (such as windows, work tops or decking areas).  You won’t harm the critters by doing this; you will simply turn them away to find somewhere else to inhabit!

Peppermint Oil for Caterpillars

This year I had a problem with caterpillars on my geranium plants; so, I went to work again with the peppermint oil!  Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a spray bottle (you can usually pick single ones up in places such as the Dollar Store) and spray lightly on the leaves on the geranium plant.  DO NOT overdo it as I did on my first attempt, otherwise you will find your geranium plant wilting even more!

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Vegetable Oil on Hummingbird Feeders to Repel Bees

This was a tip I picked up from a local bird supply store in Sedona, where I live, and it really did work!  If you have a problem with bees on your hummingbird feeder (for those of us who are lucky enough to live in area frequented by hummingbirds) there is an easy (if sticky) way to naturally repel them from the feeder.

Bees are attracted by the sugary sweetness of the food in the hummingbird feeder; however, if they are swarming round the hummingbird feeder, the hummingbirds will stay away.  To repel the bees, but still attract the hummingbirds, put a dab of vegetable oil (such as aromatherapy sunflower carrier oil or regular cooking vegetable oil) on the holes of the feeder; the bees will stay away but the birds won’t.  It is a bit of a sticky affair and you will need to clean the feeder every few days and add more oil (if necessary) but if your hummingbirds are anything like mine, the feeder will need replenishing then anyway!

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Aromatherapy for Bug Bites

This is an aromatherapy tip that isn’t necessarily for your home and garden but it is relevant to the subject of critters or bugs!  If you yourself are a bug magnet (such as mosquitoes), you might want to try a white lotion base of a blend of tea tree, lavender and geranium essential oils.  I use it on insect bites of all varieties but you can also try applying it before you are bitten!

Another problem that we have here in Arizona are fire ants.  If you have ever been bitten by a fire ant you will know it!  I use the same blend to calm the redness and itching of such bites too.  I have also used a drop of lavender essential oil on a cold compress for my dog when he was bitten by an unknown insect in the yard; however, using aromatherapy for dogs is a very specialized area of aromatherapy and I would advise that you take further advice from a qualified and certified aromatherapist before you start experimenting on your dog.

If you have any aromatherapy or essential oil tips of your own for home and garden problems, please leave me a comment below! I would also like to thank those of you who have already given me your own aromatherapy tips for such uses along the way!  See you next week!

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