Its been a while since I wrote any aromatherapy book reviews, so I thought that I would introduce you to a book on aromatherapy specifically for women.  The book is written by the well known UK aromatherapist Shirley Price and contains information on the various essential oils (and how to use them) for the various periods of a woman’s life.  This week’s book review is on Aromatherapy for Women by Shirley Price.

Aromatherapy for Women, Shirley Price, Amazon
Aromatherapy for Women, Shirley Price, Amazon

About the Author: Shirley Price

Shirley Price is one of the leaders in modern day aromatherapy in the UK (and the world).  She has written many books on the subject of aromatherapy and was the original founder of Shirley Price Aromatherapy.  Her daughter, Penny Price, now continues the family name with her own aromatherapy company.

About Aromatherapy for Women

The book Aromatherapy for Women is written for women of all ages from the early teenage years through to menopause and beyond.  Each section covers a period of a woman’s life, with associated problems, and essential oils and remedies for those particular problems.

The book is highly visual in that it contains many photographs including useful sections on how to prepare oils for an aromatherapy application (pp. 34 -35), simple aromatherapy massage techniques (pp. 30 -31) plus more useful tips in the second chapter, Aromatherapy Techniques.  There are also small profiles on many of the essential oils discussed in the book.

At the end of each “life” scetion, you will find suggestions for useful essential oils for particular life problems (including Latin names to avoid any confusion).

This book has been my “go-to” aromatherapy book for women’s problems for years and I always find that I learn something new each time that I pick it up!

There might be several other aromatherapy books out there on this particular subject, but I would recommend choosing Aromatherapy for Women by Shirley Price as a trusted source.  Enjoy!

To purchase a copy of this book, click here.

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