Aromatherapy Massage for You, Jennie Harding, Amazon
Aromatherapy Massage for You, Jennie Harding, Amazon

Its been a few weeks since my last aromatherapy book review, so here’s the next review in my series of aromatherapy book reviews!  This week’s book review is an aromatherapy book that I have had since the early days of my aromatherapy training.  If your interest in aromatherapy is both aromatherapy and massage, you might want to pick up a copy of Aromatherapy Massage for You by Jennie Harding.  It is illustrated with lots of beautiful photos – both of plants and massage techniques – so it is a very visual read!

About the Author: Jennie Harding

Jennie Harding is a UK aromatherapist who has taught at the Tisserand Institute in London; the forward to Harding’s book is written by internationally recognized aromatherapist Robert Tisserand.  Harding has conducted countless lectures on aromatherapy around the world and is the author of several books, in addition to contributing articles to professional health and aromatherapy magazines.

Why I Like the Book: Aromatherapy for You

Aromatherapy for You is written with the aromatherapy beginner in mind; it is simple and easy to understand and is probably a good book to have on your bookshelf if you are just starting out in the study of aromatherapy.  However, what I particularly like about this book is the very visual (and large) photographs that are found on nearly every page of the book.  If you are learning massage techniques and want some home practice with comprehensive illustrations, this book will probably fulfil your needs. I also like the beautiful photos that accompany the plant profiles of select essential oils; this gives you a good idea of the plant from which a particular essential oil is extracted from.

Contents of the Book Aromatherapy for You

Here’s a quick peek of a random selection of content chapters:

  • principles of aromatherapy
  • essential oil safety
  • making blends
  • massage safety
  • massage with an essential oil
  • foot massage
  • back massage
  • putting massage routines together
  • essential oil directory
  • leaf and root oils.

Aromatherapy for You is composed of 144 large pages; it is available from Amazon by following this link.  If you are a massage therapist who is studying aromatherapy or your aromatherapy training course requires you to learn massage techniques – or you simply want to learn to use aromatherapy massage for your own personal needs – you might enjoy this book! 🙂

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