The Aromatherapy Garden, Julia Lawless, Amazon
The Aromatherapy Garden, Julia Lawless, Amazon

Following on from my blog post a couple of weeks ago, this week I am writing my first aromatherapy book review.  I have a wide selection of aromatherapy books to choose from but I decided to start with one of my favorite books on the subject of aromatherapy and plants.  Although we use aromatherapy from the bottles of essential oils, sometimes we forget about the source of those little bottle aromas, the plants themselves.  And it is easy to create your own aromatherapy garden – at least with the help of the book The Aromatherapy Garden by Julia Lawless.

About Julia Lawless

Julia Lawless is an aromatherapist who grew up in the UK surrounded by herbs, plants and remedies; according to the author’s bio in The Aromatherapy Garden, Julia Lawless is also a gardener, aromatherapy business owner and has studied Western and Tibetan herbal medicine.

The Aromatherapy Garden

The Aromatherapy Garden, also published under the name The Fragrant Garden, is an excellent book for the aromatherapist and the gardener who loves scented plants (that would be me!).  Highlights of the book for me were the comprehensive account of the history of scented gardens and the selection of aromatherapy plant portraits.  In addition, The Aromatherapy Garden gives you ideas on how to plan an aromatherapy garden, such as creating fragrant garden borders, aromatic herb gardens and fragrant container plants.

Julia Lawless also gives details of aromatherapy recipes for making old fashioned herb pillows, pot pourri, tussie mussies, scented floral waters and fragranced soap balls.  Although these things were common in olde England, much has been forgotten in the modern world today, so it is a journey back in history to “re-discover” these fragrant delights.

The Aromatherapy Garden also has lots of colorful and very visual photos of aromatherapy plants which I believe is a huge selling point of the book.

I maybe biased, but I simply can’t get enough of The Aromatherapy Garden by Julia Lawless and have yet to find a book that offers a similar insight into using fragrant plants in the garden, from an aromatherapist’s point of view!  I am sure you will not be disappointed if you invest in this particular aromatherapy book for your library!

You can purchase The Aromatherapy Garden by Julia Lawless from Amazon.

Next week, I will have another interview with an aromatherapist!

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