Aromatherapy Certification and five reasons to love march

Aromatherapy certification is at the heart of what we do at Sedona Aromatics and March is always a special month with certification promos. But what are the other reasons to love March? We have a few. Written by professional aromatherapist, author, herbalist, and gardener Sharon Falsetto.

There are probably more than five reasons to love March, but here at Sedona Aromatics we have some personal reasons for loving the beginning of spring (in the northern hemisphere, that is). Read on to find out why we love this magical month!

March Marks the Start of Spring

It may not seem like it in some parts of the northern hemisphere, but March marks the official start of spring. After the long, cold months of winter, seeing spring bulbs starting to pop up, planning the herb garden, and knowing that beautiful blooms will soon be on their way, is a much-needed boost to our mental and physical health.

March Celebrates International Women’s Day

As a woman-owned business, we know the unique struggles associated with women in business. And why it is more important than ever to continue to raise up women around the world with social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. International Women’s Day is all about inspiring and empowering women around the world, to reduce discrimination and bias, and to teach young girls that they can reach for the stars!

Our founder, Sharon Falsetto, has endured personal struggles, ill health, and setbacks in her efforts to gain financial independence through her own business and candidly shares some of these experiences in her course teachings.

March is Our Founder’s Birthday Month

As if there was no better reason to celebrate March, it is the birth month of our founder, Sharon Falsetto. To help celebrate another trip around the sun, we have some special offers in March just for you!

March is our Scholarships Month

March marks the launch of our guaranteed scholarships for our Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy and our Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy courses (NAHA level 1 and 2 approved). Simply complete the scholarship application form and you are on your way to receiving 40% funding for your chosen aromatherapy certification course.

March Sees the Launch of Our LIVE Aromatherapy Certificate

Our newest aromatherapy certification course offering is the Immersion Group Study Program Aromatherapy Certificate. Taught live by zoom over a period of 6 months (with monthly Q&A sessions, live blending projects, and more), you have exclusive one-on-one access to your tutor Sharon Falsetto, along with several other classmates. And this certificate can lead to a NAHA level 1 approved aromatherapy certification with extra tuition and course work.

Five Reasons to Love March

So, there you have it: Five reasons to love March! We are also going to give you one bonus reason – why not make March the month that you join the Sedona Aromatics Botanical Aromatherapy™ Membership School? Want to find out more about this innovative way of learning aromatherapy informally? Hop on over to our Botanical Aromatherapy™ Membership School home page!

Happy spring! 

About the Author:

The author of this article has been working in the health care industry since the 1990’s and in the aromatherapy industry since the 2000’s. She is UK-certified aromatherapist and a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist®. She is both a published author and editor in aromatherapy, a consultant, custom blend formulator and herbal studies and natural perfumery student. She is the author of Authentic Aromatherapy and the current chief editor of the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal. Sharon works from her garden studio in Sedona, Arizona, where she gardens and distills plants from her own aromatic gardens, surrounded by natural fauna and flora on an original pioneer, semi off-grid, homestead property.

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