Sedona Aromatherapie E-Book Giveaway!

For those of you who have been following my progress, you will no doubt know that I am in the final stages of writing the Sedona Aromatherapie Certification in Professional Aromatherapy course program. This has been quite an intense process and I decided to leave the best until last – which means I am putting together the practical, fun part of the course – aromatherapy recipes!

Although the Certification in Professional Aromatherapy course will teach you how to compose and use your own aromatherapy recipes, many recipes will be included to stimulate your creative process! With that in mind, I am inviting students and readers to submit their own aromatherapy recipe for inclusion as a “featured” recipe in the course. Here’s more information!

Compose Your Own Aromatherapy Recipe

If you have a favorite (original) aromatherapy recipe, and you would like more exposure for yourself or your (future) business, simply submit your aromatherapy recipe to me for consideration and inclusion in the Sedona Aromatherapie Certification in Professional Aromatherapy course program. I will “feature” chosen recipes in the course workbook – along with author credit and links to any credible website or blog that you own and operate.

Although there is no monetary compensation for this exposure (or any royalties or share payments of any sort on the sale of Sedona Aromatherapie courses where your aromatherapy recipe is featured), I will giveaway two aromatherapy e-books from the Sedona Aromatherapie e-book selection for those recipes which are chosen for inclusion! So, you’ll have a chance to create some more fun, aromatherapy recipes! And, you’ll receive some exposure for yourself! Its my way of helping other students get started in the business of aromatherapy.

You can submit aromatherapy recipes to me for:

  • massage oils

  • bath salts

  • aromatherapy scrubs

  • perfume bases

  • aromatherapy candles

  • butters and balms

  • lotions and creams

  • other bath and body products.

All recipes must only include essential oils and/or other natural aromatic materials (for example, no fragrance oils or synthetic aromas). Amounts may be subject to change to conform to the Sedona Aromatherapie course guidelines on making safe aromatherapy blends. If your recipe needs to be changed to conform to guidelines, you will be notified for approval, before inclusion.

How to Submit Your Aromatherapy Recipe

Simply contact me via e-mail and send me your chosen aromatherapy recipe for consideration (with your name and contact details). I will notify successful applicants of inclusion after March 1, 2014 and e-mail two free e-books to you. The decision of Sedona Aromatherapie is final.

Study Aromatherapy with Sedona Aromatherapie

If you would like to learn more about aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, visit the courses home page to discover the benefits of home study with Sedona Aromatherapie!

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