I often see many bath and body terms used interchangeably on the internet – which can lead to some confusion when you are starting out in making your own aromatherapy products. A popular product at the moment appears to be aromatherapy lotion bars. However, I have been making these products under the name of melts, predominately for the bath. Here’s a quick look at the versatility of this kind of aromatherapy recipe.

Ingredients for Bath Products; Photo credit, ISP
Ingredients for Bath Products; Photo credit, ISP

Bath Melt, Body Melt, or Lotion Bar?

Take three basic ingredients, add in some essential oils, and voilà! You have the equivalent of a bath melt, body melt and a lotion bar. Advanced recipes contain more complex ingredients but to get started you will not need to use more than these basics.

Bath melts, as the name suggests, are used in the bath. You simply add your chosen melt to warm bath water and the aroma of the melt is released around you – in addition, to skin-friendly benefits of the other ingredients.

A body melt is literally a bath melt used in a different way. You rub the chosen melt over your body. It will gradually start to melt and release the oils and butters on your skin. A lotion bar? Essentially the same thing as a body melt.

The only difference between a bath melt and a lotion bar (or body melt) is that you might want to use harder butters for a harder consistency (and to maintain shape longer) in your lotion bar/body melt.

Basic Recipe for Aromatherapy Melts and Lotion Bars

To get started making your own basic melts or lotion bars, try the following recipe; recipe yield is approximately 10 oz:

  • 4.5 oz of soft butter (for example, shea butter)

  • 2 oz hard butter (for example, beeswax)

  • 2 oz carrier oil (for example, apricot)

  • 40– 60 drops of chosen essential oil.

Instructions for Making:

  • Melt the beeswax using the bain marie method

  • Add the shea butter and melt

  • Take off the heat and stir in the carrier oil

  • Add the chosen essential oils and stir

  • Pour the mixture into suitable soap or candy molds and allow to set before using

  • Store appropriately.

Learn How to Make Your Own Bath and Body Products

This post is a very basic introduction to making aromatherapy melts and lotion bars. Experienced crafters will be able to take this information and adapt it for their own use. However, if you are new to making bath and body products, you will want to take a basic course to learn how to use each ingredient successfully – and understand how to incorporate essential oils safely into such products.

Bath melts are covered in greater detail (with substitute ingredients and detailed instructions) in the Sedona Aromatherapie Basic Bath Products with Essential Oils Course. Aromatherapy melts and lotion bars are expanded on in greater detail in the Sedona Aromatherapie Certification in Professional Aromatherapy Course.

To learn more, visit the courses home page!

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