Making Aromatherapy Lipbalms
Making Aromatherapy Lipbalms

I had the opportunity to visit friends and family in the U.K. on my recent aromatherapy study trip to France and, never one to miss an opportunity to educate the younger generation on the benefits of aromatherapy, I embarked upon a fun aromatherapy project with my two young nieces. Even at a young age, you can introduce aromatherapy to children with some fun and creative projects; just remember to supervise them with the essential oils! Here are some tips for carrying out your own aromatherapy project with children.

Aromatherapy Projects You Can Do With Children

If you are a qualified and experienced aromatherapist, you have a head start in educating children in the safe use of essential oils. These are some aromatherapy ideas that you can start with children:

  • making aromatherapy lip balms

  • making aromatherapy bath salts

  • making aromatherapy scrubs

  • adding essential oils to a lotion base to create a lotion/blend for a specific problem they might have.

Tips for Carrying Out Aromatherapy Projects With Children

Making Aromatherapy Lipbalms
Making Aromatherapy Lipbalms

Although these projects are fun, you should also remember that safety comes first. Pay attention to detail and make sure that everyone is safe (and educated) when using essential oils. Here are a few tips:

  • make sure that your child is supervised when using essential oils and don’t leave the top off the bottle when not in use; children are prone to accidents!

  • if you are using a heat source to melt ingredients, make sure that your child is supervised and not in danger of burning themselves

  • keep essential oils away from eyes

  • little minds (and hands) are curious; make sure your child understands the potential dangers but also explain each step of the process (and other ingredients) so that they understand why.

How Young is Too Young?

My nieces are aged 9 and 10 respectively which I found to be a good age to start with a project such as this; old enough to understand what you are doing and why, but young enough to appreciate the fun aspect of the project too! Aromatherapy projects are a great way to bring together tween-agers too and could be especially great for tween-age girls. Start early, and you might just get them hooked on making their own natural aromatherapy products for the rest of their lives! At the very least, you will have memories of a fun, aromatic project..

Making Your Own Aromatherapy Products

For more information on making your own aromatherapy products, why not try one of the Sedona Aromatherapie Make-Your-Own Products Kits? If you need any help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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