Aromatherapy Scholarships from Sedona Aromatics

Aromatherapy Scholarships from Sedona Aromatics

Note that Partial Scholarships are now closed. However, you may qualify for a community aromatherapy scholarship from us! Learn more by visiting this page.

NEW! Partial aromatherapy scholarships from Sedona Aromatics were launched to help with tuition fees for both the Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy course and the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy course.

Why a Partial Aromatherapy Scholarship from Sedona Aromatics?

For several years, we have been wanting to help our students with course fees. We are not, as yet, in a position to fully fund aromatherapy scholarships for our students but hit upon the idea of a partial-scholarship in the meantime.

In return for the opportunity of this partial-scholarship, we ask just a few simple commitments from you:

  1. You complete the application to the best of your ability.
  2. You commit to completing your chosen aromatherapy certificate.
  3. You use your subsequent aromatherapy education to contribute to the aromatherapy community at large.
  4. You commit to our business and school ethics.

Future partial-scholarships and/or scholarships may involve other application methods/procedures. We also do not guarantee when or if other partial-scholarships will be made available after the close of this session.

How to Apply for a Partial Aromatherapy Scholarship

Currently closed to new applications.

NEW! Apply directly here for your partial-scholarship! No waiting, no processing. Answer a few simple questions, and you’ll have access to 40% free funding for the course of your choice!

  1. First you need to subscribe to our mailing list!
  2. Partial-scholarships will fund 40% of the current advertised price for either the Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy or the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy.
  3. Partial-scholarship applications are open between March 11th and April 10th 2020 only.
  4. You need to complete one simple form to get access to the partial-scholarship special link. Once you receive this link (by subscription to our mailing list), you need to purchase the course at the reduced price through this link. Payment plan options will be available to finance the remaining 60% course fee.
  5. Partial-scholarship only cover course fees. You will need book/s and products/supplies to complete the course. You are expected to purchase these yourself.
  6. Some questions within the application are designed to give us feedback on how and where best to promote future scholarships, in order to benefit the aromatherapy community at large.
  7. You will not be judged or graded on your answers! We simply want to know a little bit more about you and why you are interested in applying for this partial-scholarship for aromatherapy.
  8. Please only apply for the partial-scholarship if you need help with course fees for the Sedona Aromatics Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy or Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy. We are providing this option to help those who need it the most and give access to quality aromatherapy education.

Email us at!

About Sedona Aromatics

Sedona Aromatics: The Garden School™ was founded by Sharon Falsetto, a UK-certified aromatherapist, published author and editor, gardener and photographer. Sharon currently serves on the Executive Board for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and is a Collaborative Financial Leader for the Indie Business Network. We offer a one-on-one mentored home study aromatherapy education program, The Linguistics of Aromatics™, and on-site custom workshops and retreats. Sedona Aromatics: The Garden School™ is set on a one-acre homestead and aromatic gardens, incorporating both a garden and summer studio, where we offer some unique aromatherapy classes, courses, and teachings.

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