As we are nearly half way through 2010 and its also a year since I started my aromatherapy blog, I thought it was time to give an update on my aromatherapy plans.  Those of you who have been following my aromatherapy blog in the past year may remember that back in December 2009 I talked about starting aromatherapy classes in 2010.

Unfortunately, my plans for that have been set back a little, partly due to personal reasons and health.  Although this has been a little frustrating for me, it has given me time to think out more clearly what I want to achieve with regard to aromatherapy teaching classes. For the remainder of 2010, I intend to concentrate on writing as much as I can about aromatherapy. I write aromatherapy articles for both and Suite 101, in addition to this aromatherapy blog.  I am also working on aromatherapy information web sites in order to accumulate a lot of my aromatherapy writing in one place.  My first aromatherapy information web site was Aromatherapy Glossary, and I have another one pending.

Of course, I continue to practice aromatherapy through Sedona Aromatherapie, Aromatherapy Wedding and Chocolate Aromatherapy.  I am hoping that 2011 will allow me to move ahead with my aromatherapy teaching plans as I have some creative ideas on how to do that here in Arizona!  So, all I can say, is watch this space – and in the meantime, enjoy my aromatherapy articles 🙂

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