Our Secret Sanctuary

Aromatherapy workshops and retreats led by Sedona Aromatics are all about plant-based aromatherapy education: Botanical Aromatherapy. Although aromatherapy is traditionally a branch of herbalism, over the years it somehow got “lost in translation” and aromatherapists are not usually taught about the deep connection of aromatherapy and plants as their herbalist counterparts are. Sedona Aromatics is trying to change that philosophy through teaching aromatherapy workshops and retreats based in our aromatic garden and stillroom, a vision of Sharon’s that has been ten years in the making. Although some herbalists teach this way, very few trained aromatherapists are currently doing this.

Taking aromatherapy workshops and retreats with us will allow you to experience our surroundings as part of the program. The land was part of an original pioneer homestead property, so expect to unearth the unexpected!

Our Secret Sanctuary Sedona Arizona

The Garden Office

The Garden Office is the place that we work from on a daily basis. It is where custom blends are created and where Sharon writes from and manages the business. On-site workshops may take place in The Garden Office, or in the seasonal Garden Studio. The Garden Office opens directly onto Georgie’s Garden and it is just a short walk up the garden steps to the Garden Studio. Just under one acre of native trees and fauna surround the home property, making this truly a magical place to work and live.

“…a little piece of English heaven in the middle of Arizona!” Carolyn S., AZ

Georgie’s Garden

Georgie’s Garden is named after my beloved Cavalier King Charles spaniel, George. After a lengthy struggle with inflammatory bowel disease George passed away at just eight years old in 2017. When George passed, I was inspired to create a legacy for him that both honored his memory and was of benefit to the aromatic community. George loved his garden, so I feel that this is the perfect gift to us all to honor that memory.

The garden will always reflect George’s legacy, a place of healing and reflection, for those who visit personally, or virtually. Although the garden is just a few years old, it is growing every year. You may experience herbs such as basil, rosemary, sage, thyme, or savory – or favorites such as sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos and more.

Sedona Aromatics is a certified wildlife habitat of the National Wildlife Federation.

The Garden Studio

The seasonal Garden Studio incorporates garden projects, a copper still for live distillations, and (coming soon) our small, onsite shop. It is also an onsite classroom where students can experience a plant distillation and/or other plant growing activities during on-site workshops and retreats, or see videos of the garden and workroom in action, eventually available through Georgie’s Secret Garden subscription club (in review).