“Aromatherapy” is a word that is often loosely applied to a number of different practices.  It can mean different things to different people – which is why there is often a lot of confusion and “controversy” surrounding the practice of aromatherapy.  In the true, healing sense of the practice, aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure essential oils.  However, aromatherapy can also describe (either rightly or wrongly):

  • massage
  • fragrance oils
  •  bath and body products
  • candles
  • other “treatment” packages.

The versatility of aromatherapy can also be its downfall in some instances.  Aromatherapy can be combined with any number of other therapeutic practices, including reflexology, ayurvedic medicine and reiki.  However, because of its versatility it can become open to abuse.  Therefore:

  • check you know the difference between pure essential oils and fragrance oils
  • check what “oils” are actually being used in an “aromatherapy” massage or other therapeutic practice
  • check that “aromatherapy” candles, bath and body products are composed of “real” aromatherapy ingredients – or are they “fake”?

This is a subject area which I have covered before, in different formats and in different places, but I still find that many people are confused about aromatherapy.  So my advice is –  the true practice of aromatherapy is both healing and powerful – just make sure you are receiving the “real deal. ” 🙂

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