Botanical Aromatherapy Programs

Botanical Aromatherapy ™ Programs

What is Botanical Aromatherapy™?

Our Botanical Aromatherapy ™ Program is a complete immersion into the world of aromatherapy, aromatic plants, aromatic gardening, sustainability, and permaculture. We believe that aromatherapists should literally go back to the roots of aromatherapy – herbalism – to appreciate the benefits of aromatherapy in all of its forms, whether that is an essential oil, or the actual plant growing in the aromatic garden. Aromatic plants can be used in many ways. Growing some of those plants teaches you to connect on a much deeper level with the plant, and totally understand how to use it.

We have several paths of aromatherapy education, and various study options, depending upon your needs and interest in aromatherapy: from informal videos and articles to comprehensive college-level type papers. We will be adding further courses and workshops to our school program in the future to compliment those courses we currently offer with the botanical aromatherapy ideology.

All of our programs are rooted in the traditional ways of using aromatherapy:  In definition, Bo-tani-cal Aro-ma-thera-py: Plant-based aromatherapy.

So, which path will you take in our aromatic garden?

The Linguistics of Aromatics™ Program

  • Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy: This aromatherapy course gives the beginner to aromatherapy a comprehensive introduction to the safe and effective use of essential oils at home and for family use. It meets NAHA level 1 aromatherapy educational requirements.
  • Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy: This is a professional level course that takes aromatherapy study to the next level. It gives both professionals and non-professionals a comprehensive, professional course of study in the safe and effective application of essential oils and aromatics, with an emphasis on products and their use, either in a clinical practice setting, or for use in a skin care product line. It meets NAHA level 1 and 2 (combined/course cannot be split) aromatherapy educational requirements.

Sedona Aromatics Insider – FREE!

A Virtual Connection to our Aromatic Garden!

This is a subscription club style of learning which gives you access to the “secret garden” of Sedona Aromatics. Discover aromatic articles, plant and oil profiles, short tutorials (coming soon), videos from the aromatic garden and stillroom, and how-to tips (on aromatherapy blending and aromatic gardening) not available publicly on the website. And, should you wish to take a home study aromatherapy course or on-site workshop with us, you will receive access to exclusive discounts from time-to-time to be used against these options. This is a work-in-progress and there is no date yet as to when the whole program will go live.