Business Botanicals for the Small Aromatherapy Business

Business Botanicals for the small aromatherapy business

I came up with the Business Botanicals™ program after I had similar requests over the years from small aromatherapy business start-ups and owners for various services. These included:

  • writing, editing and proofing services for websites and business literature
  • creating a custom aromatherapy signature blend or custom signature line
  • research and development of small aromatherapy business matters.

It made sense to me to package these services and offer a block price to small businesses. As a small business owner myself, I know that every cent counts! And so Business Botanicals for the small aromatherapy business was born…

Business Botanicals Consulting, Writing and Editing Block

This block includes the following services:

  • Consultation: 1 hour of consultation advice for aromatherapy signature lines, website descriptions, business literature, labels, and any other relevant blend advice and/or written work.
  • Writing/Editing/Proofing: 5 hours total. Use for writing, editing, or proofing website descriptions, business literature, labels (written content only, not a design or research element), or any other type of written work with regard to your aromatherapy business.

Create-a-Custom Blend Block

Exclusions apply for those situated outside of the United States.

This block includes the following services:

  • Conceptualization Process: 1 hour. Brainstorming with me via email, phone or skype to pin down your specific requirements for the blend/product.
  • Research Process: 1 hour. Once I have an idea of your requirements, I will go ahead and research suitable oils/extracts for the blend.
  • Creative Process: 5 hours. Once the first sample blend has been created, you will have two subsequent rounds of samples to tweak or change the blend as you feel necessary. Price also includes three (total) rounds of samples and shipping within the United States (excludes Alaska).
  • Evolution Process: 3 hours. Creating your final custom blend in the quantity that you require, whether it is to be created in bulk, or individually poured.

Research and Development Block

Exclusions apply for those situated outside of the United States.

This block includes the following services:

  • Research: 2 hours of research including label content (brainstorming label names, researching INCI names, and other pertinent information required on labeling), plant, botanical, or product descriptions, (aromatic) information for websites, oils/extracts suitable for an aromatherapy product line.
  • Development: 3 hours. Written: Use the above research to develop label content, plant or product descriptions, or (aromatic) information for websites. Blend: Develop an initial blend from the research for you to make up and test yourself.

Custom Aromatherapy Product Package Block

This block is the ultimate Business Botanicals for the small aromatherapy business! Buy all three packages and I will be with you from start to finish. Let me make your aromatherapy business a success today!

About the Author:

Sharon Falsetto obtained her BA (Hons) degree in Business and Accounting from the University of Sunderland (UK) in 1995. After graduating, she worked in UK healthcare services for over a decade. She took her aromatherapy training with Penny Price Aromatherapy in 2005. She moved to the United States in 2006 and founded her own aromatherapy business. She has also a decade’s worth of experience in professional writing and editing. She is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy (New York: Skyhorse Publishing) and the current chief editor for the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal.

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