Create Pumpkin and Spice Aromas with Essential Oils
Create Pumpkin and Spice Aromas with Essential Oils

Fall is reminiscent of pumpkin and spice aromas. Although the pumpkin does produce a pumpkin seed oil for use in aromatherapy, it is not an oil with a dominant aroma. However, it is possible to create a pumpkin-spice aromatherapy blend by using a few essential oils. Aroma and intensity may vary depending upon which essential oils you choose to include in your blend. Here’s a quick look at the most frequently used essential oils used to create a natural pumpkin-spice aroma in aromatherapy products – and how you can create your own pumpkin-spice blend.

Next week’s post will include some pumpkin-spice aromatherapy recipes!

The Aroma of Pumpkin

Pumpkin, as a stand alone aroma, doesn’t actually smell of anything much – other than perhaps a vegetable-based note with a buttery undertone. The reason that we associated spice with pumpkin is due to the commercial development in the past few years of pumpkin-spice lattes, pumpkin-spice muffins, pumpkin-spice cookies… and so the list goes on! And, of course, there is that familiar, home-comfort aroma of pumpkin pie (notably, the spices that go into creating the pie).

The aroma of pumpkin pie is also said to be an aphrodisiac to both men and women,1so the interest in creating a pumpkin-spice aroma is of interest to many people for more reasons than just humble pumpkin pie!

Spice Essential Oils for a Pumpkin-spice Blend

Essentially, when you create a pumpkin-spice blend from essential oils, you are relying heavily on the spice essential oils, together with some vanilla, to both ground the blend and give it that “butter” undertone. In my research for a pumpkin-spice aroma, I came across the usual suspects in the spice essential oils, with a variation or two between recipes, to create a pumpkin-spice blend; these include:

  • cinnamon

  • ginger

  • nutmeg

  • clove

  • cardamon

  • all spice (pimento berry)

  • star anise.

In some aromatherapy recipes, I found carrot seed essential oil included. You can also add in citrus orange essential oil for an added twist.

An Aromatherapy Pumpkin-spice Blend

Although I have lived in the United States for over a decade now, I was not raised on pumpkin pie “back home!” I understand that the aroma of pumpkin pie can vary depending upon the spices used in the recipe. Therefore, my advice to you in creating your own pumpkin-spice aromatherapy blend is to think about the familiar spices you recall from your childhood memories of pumpkin pie.

From a blending point of view, you will want to secure those volatile essential oil top notes with at least one base note essential oil; my recommendation would be vanilla. If I was to create a version of the pumpkin-spice blends popular in today’s culture, I would recommend a blend such as this:

  • Top notes: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. Add in other spice essential oils as you prefer.

  • Middle notes: butter CO2 extract (not plant-based), clove essential oil, cardamon essential oil.

  • Base note: vanilla.

You will need to experiment with dilution rates and quantities of individual essential oils in order to find your own perfect pumpkin-spice aroma. Remember to pay attention to all contra-indications associated with individual essential oils before using the blend. All blends should be diluted in a base – such as a carrier oil or lotion – for topical use.

Next week, I will show you how you can incorporate this pumpkin-spice blend into different aromatherapy product bases!

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  • Author is a 20 year veteran in the health care and aromatherapy industry, a UK-certified aromatherapist, published author in aromatherapy, an approved education provider for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), an aromatherapy business owner, a consultant, and Chief Editor for the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal.

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