custom aromatherapy workshops in Sedona, Arizona

Custom Aromatherapy Workshops

This article gives details on exclusive one-on-one custom aromatherapy workshops, scheduled at your convenience, in Sedona, Arizona.

Do you wish that you could schedule a one-on-one class with an aromatherapy professional for the same price as a regular class? Or would you like a class topic at a time to suit you? In 2020, we decided that aromatherapy workshops should be scheduled to suit your lifestyle and your budget – not ours. Read on to learn more!

Custom Aromatherapy Workshops in the Garden

Our on demand custom aromatherapy workshops are held on a private, one-acre homestead property located just outside of Sedona, Arizona. We have a growing aromatic garden full of herbs and other plants, depending upon the season. Whether you take a workshop which involves plants, or not, the setting is just magical!

Our founder, Sharon Falsetto, has worked hard over the past three years to create a beautiful place to work, study, and play – and opens this up to students at selected times of the year. Our previously exclusive online school is now available to attend in person – with the same experience, care, and thought given to you.

We have a variety of workshops for you to choose from, including a custom-made aromatherapy workshop, if you want to design your own. These include:

  • Aromatic Journaling
  • Aromatic Perfume in the Garden
  • Aromatic Teas from the Garden
  • Basic Plant Distillation
  • Healing from the Aromatic Garden
  • Secrets from the Aromatic Garden
  • Custom Aromatherapy Workshop or Retreat.

The Basics

  • Class sizes can accommodate 1 to 4 people
  • Prices vary from $75 for a 2-hour workshop to $495 for a 2-day workshop
  • Lunch is included (sometimes from the garden) for full day workshops
  • Workbooks are included for each workshop
  • Direct access to your class tutor, whether you have a one-or-one workshop or a full class workshop.

Why Choose Sedona Aromatics for a Custom Aromatherapy Workshop

Here’s some reasons why you should take an aromatherapy workshop with Sedona Aromatics:

  • Unlike many aromatherapy workshops, we conduct our classes on-site within a setting conducive to the topic addressed: Plants! That means, in our working studio, in our garden shed, or with our still! Prepare to get down and dirty – regardless of the class topic.
  • The same price for all workshops – whether you are the only student attending, or it is a class of four people.
  • Schedule a workshop at a day/time to suit you, depending on what’s already on our schedule. We ask that you let us know as far in advance as you can so that we can meet your request.
  • All our workshops are kept deliberately small in size so that you get real quality time with your class tutor.
  • Direct access to one of the most respected aromatherapy professionals in the industry, Sharon Falsetto.
  • You have a very real chance of spending one-on-one quality time – with chance to ask questions directly – with an aromatherapy professional. Essentially, a private session.
  • Our workshops are offered in a retreat-like session, with direct access to over 150 essential oils, all of our aromatherapy supplies, and over 50 aromatherapy books in our hand-picked library.
  • Don’t think you’ll be sitting at the back of the class listening to someone talk for several hours with no interaction on your part! You’ll be kept busy and involved from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

custom aromatherapy workshops in sedona, arizona

Our students leave our workshops with one very similar thought: “This is a day I will treasure forever!”

If you are ready to change the dynamics of your aromatherapy learning, click on the individual links above to learn more about each workshop. And, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to seeing you in Sedona soon!

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