natural perfumes with essential oils, ISP
natural perfumes with essential oils, ISP

Natural perfume products are growing in popularity. However, you don’t need to be a qualified or experienced perfumer to get started making your own natural perfume products at home. Although the art of natural perfumery is a learned art, with the use of natural plant extracts, in addition to essential oils, you can start out by making some of these simple products with just a few base products and a selection of essential oils.

What is a Natural Perfume Product?

A natural perfume product doesn’t have to be a traditional perfume or cologne: It can also be a perfume spritzer, a perfume oil or a solid perfume. In fact, traditional perfumes in ancient Pompeii in Italy were often called unguents. Unguents were popular in ancient Egypt too. Unguents are often described as a healing salve, prepared for a particular purpose, such as for wounds. But there is no reason that a natural perfume can’t be made for both healing and scent purposes.

Natural Perfume Spritzers

Perfume spritzers are simple to make: Basically, they are a combination of water and essential oils. They can be used to scent a room, or used for personal hygiene. You can also add mineral rock salt to perfume spritzers: this makes them more deodorizing, and adds “energy” to the blend.

For a simple perfume spritzer recipe, read this earlier blog post.

Natural Perfume Oils

Perfume oils date back to ancient times: Before the common use of soap, oil was used in place of soap in Roman bath houses. Use a good quality, cold pressed carrier oil for the base of your perfume oil and add a suitable combination of essential oils: Examples of carrier oils include jojoba, sweet almond, apricot and sunflower. Carrier oils have therapeutic properties too.

Perfume oils can be used on the body in massage, as a bath oil or as a roll-on perfume.

Solid Perfume Products

There are various ways to make solid perfumes, and each perfumer/aromatherapist has their own favorite recipes for making solid perfumes. Basically, solid perfume products consist of a “hard” base (such as beeswax or cocoa butter), to which you add essential oils. It may also include carrier oils. The perfume is stored in a small pot or jar.

Natural Perfumes with an Alcohol Base

Perhaps the most “traditional” type of perfume is one which has an alcohol base. Alcohol is the dominant base in these types of perfumes, with a small percentage of water added to the base too. The same ingredients are used to make an eau-de-cologne, except that the ratio of water to alcohol is more than it is for a perfume base. In addition, the percentage of essential oils used varies for each product.

Learn to Make Your Own Natural Perfumes with Essential Oils

If you would like to learn more about making simple perfume products with essential oils, take a look at the Sedona Aromatherapie Natural Perfumes with Essential Oils course. If you aren’t quite ready to take a course in making natural perfumes, take a look at the e-book, 25 Simple Perfume Recipes with Essential Oils.



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