Different types of aromatherapy balms, ISP
Different types of aromatherapy balms, ISP

Perhaps the most common type of aromatherapy balm that springs to mind is an aromatherapy lip balm. However, balms can be used for different things, in addition to lips, depending upon your definition of balm, and the ingredients in it. As always with bath and body aromatherapy products, balms are one of those items that can have various meanings (for example, bath melts and bath bombs). Here is my take on aromatherapy balms.

Ingredients of Aromatherapy Balms

Ingredients for aromatherapy balms vary, depending upon the aromatherapist, and where you intend to apply the balm. However, a basic balm is usually made up of a mixture of the following:

  • butter (for example, cocoa butter, shea butter)

  • beeswax

  • carrier oil (for example, coconut, jojoba)

  • essential oils.

The amount of each ingredient used (in relation to butters, beeswax and carrier oils) will affect the softness or hardness of your balm.

Aromatherapy Lip Balms

Aromatherapy lip balms are perhaps the most common type of balm that you will encounter. In addition, they are probably one of the easiest aromatherapy products to make. You can fragrance your lip balm with a suitable essential oil, such as a citrus essential oil. However, you first need to understand the essential oil you are using, including its therapeutic properties, its contra-indications for use and the quality of the essential oil.

The Sedona Aromatherapie Aromatherapy Lip Balm Making Kit is an ideal introduction for beginners to making these types of balms.

Aromatherapy Baby Balm

Balms are great for babys’ bottoms! If you make the balm yourself, you will know exactly what went into it. If you add an essential oil, make sure that it is suitable for use with babies.

Aromatherapy Hair Balm

You can also use balms as a type of hair “conditioner,” in place of regular gel or hair product. I use aromatherapy balms on dry hair after blow drying it. You don’t need a lot: Just rub a small amount between your fingers, and run through your hair to give extra shine (and fragrance!) – its also great to “calm down” frizzy or unruly hair.

Aromatherapy Balm Sticks

Aromatherapy balm sticks are essentially the same as lip balms. Mix together an appropriate blend, carry it around in your purse and apply to the wrists/temples as needed (as oppose to lips). This is a great format for anxiety blends.

Learn How to Make Your Own Aromatherapy Balms

If you want more information on how to make your own aromatherapy balms, consider the Sedona Aromatherapie Basic Butters, Balms, Creams and Lotions Course for Beginners– or for quick fix in simple aromatherapy recipes try the e-book, 25 Basic Aromatherapy Recipes for Beginners.


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