Drops of Joy Custom Birthstone Diffuser
Drops of Joy Custom Birthstone Diffuser

Recently I reviewed the Welledia aromatherapy diffuser – and we gave away ten diffusers to ten lucky winners. If you missed out on that opportunity, today I am reviewing — together with another giveaway! – a piece of aromatherapy jewelry made by Sara Radginski of Drops of Joy Jewelry. If you would like to win your very own custom piece of aromatherapy jewelry, read on to learn how!

About Drops of Joy Jewelry

Drops of Joy Jewelry is a small business that was founded in 2014 by Sara Radginski and her husband Josh. It combines a love of essential oils, jewelry making, and the gift of joy. The ability to custom design your own piece of aromatherapy jewelry is one of the key components of this business. You can choose both a crystal and a mantra (or favorite saying) to be etched onto your locket, which you can add your own choice of essential oils, too.

And, by purchasing one of the Drops of Joy custom pieces of jewelry, you are helping St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital: $2 of every sale is donated to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in recognition of the health problems of the Radginski’s twin babies when they were born.

Custom Birthstone Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry

Sara very kindly sent me one of her custom birthstone aromatherapy diffuser pieces of jewelry to review – and to giveaway to two lucky readers! (more on that below).

I chose my own birthstone and a three-word mantra to be added to the necklace, together with the diffuser. In this case, I chose to have the words “Follow your bliss” inscribed on the disc, and my March birthstone added. You can also choose your chain length: 18”, 20”, or 22”.

The actual aromatherapy diffuser reminds me of the old-fashioned lockets that my grandmother had when I was a child – except in place of a photo inside, you get to place one of the diffuser “dots” (supplied with the necklace). Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and be at peace for the day!

TIP: I would advise using a base note essential oil if you want your aroma to last longer; top note essential oils evaporate quickly, and you will have to keep adding more essential oil/s.

BONUS TIP: Although this diffuser is a piece of jewelry, designed to wear around your neck, I have a couple of my favorite necklaces hung in my car. In addition to a beautiful, handcrafted necklace designed by a friend, I now have an aromatherapy diffuser from Drops of Joy Jewelry, enabling me to have both scent and beauty when I am on the go (or stuck in traffic).

How to Win a Drops of Joy Custom Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you would like to win your own Drops of Joy custom aromatherapy diffuser, simply add a comment to the blog, stating which birthstone crystal you would like, and your favorite saying or mantra (maximum 15 characters). This is the information that will be used to custom make your diffuser, if you are one of the chosen winners! And, please post a comment on what that saying means to you: I will use this piece of information to choose the winner.

I will choose two lucky winners who will receive a Drops of Joy aromatherapy diffuser direct from the business. Please be prepared to share your mailing address with me if you are notified as a winner, in order to mail out your jewelry. If you fail to respond to my notification email within a couple of days of notification, I will choose another winner – so don’t forget to check your spam box too!

CLOSING DATE: July 17, 2015.

Good luck!

With thanks to Sara and Josh Radinski of Drops of Joy Jewelry for allowing this giveaway to happen. For more information on Drops of Joy Jewelry, visit the website at: www.dropsofjoyjewelry.com.

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19 Thoughts on “Drops of Joy Aromatherapy Jewelry: Review and Giveaway”

  • Congratulations to Mandy and Cheryl! Your aromatherapy jewelry is on its way to you! Enjoy! Thank you to everyone else who took the time to post a comment as well.

  • pearl/ruby/i forget what else ‘they’ say… you wouldn’t know i was in the gem business, but i always tell customers to follow their bliss 😉 and YOU pick the stone/let the stone pick you!
    mine are too long (imagine that!) but what i NEED is: purple moon sense…
    in general, it represents my business that i’ve never finished… in specific, it reminds that i should be revisiting my special blends that i once marketed… and in particular, to pick ONE and PRODUCE it and PROMOTE it!
    it is a personal mantra, expressing my past as well as embracing my future: purplemoonscents! (ironic, as i think, most need to embrace past and express future… i need the reverse!) : purple moon sense 🙂
    haha, WAIT, i pick amethyst!

  • My birth month is November. Like all of us, my life has been filled with ups and downs. The word “Believe” has helped to remind me not only to believe that things will get better but to believe in myself and my loved ones. My first Christmas with my husband he got me one of the best gifts ever, a bag filled with crystals and stones he hand picked for me. However, we were both surprised when we found a small rose quartz stone (my favorite stone) with the word Believe engraved on it. He had no idea that Believe was my mantra and to this day swears that he did not put that stone in the bag.

  • January here. 🙂 my recent favorite word is: all by grace. as I had been failed so many times I can’t remember, yet I stand again & again, all by grace.

  • I would choose April’s crystal: “diamond” lol, and the word “cherished”. My husband is in the military and is currently deployed. I have 2 littles, am living in a location I’m not fond of AT ALL, and have turned to EO’s to help me through new-mommy-hood, my anxiety, my anger, and constant stress. Before he deployed, I decided I wanted a talisman, and decided that instead of getting something that said “loved”, I would get “cherished” – because he cherishes me, and that’s why I love him so much. The word now brings me great comfort and makes him feel close.

  • Oh, wow! My birthstone is the August peridot. Truthfully, my favorite saying is “add a drop of joy!” it’s from an article I read about the Merchant Priests of Egypt. I read it when I was going through an anxious spell in my life. It said that if you add a drop of joy to everything you do/feel it transforms your life. Try it! Sometimes it’s almost too much and I have to tone it down! it produces an almost giddy feeling!

  • What a lovely giveaway! August birthstone – peridot. Saying – rooted. Root is my 2015 word of the year, though I believe it will continue to be a guiding word throughout my life. Root for me means digging deep into Self, laying a strong foundation, seeking what nourishes me, connecting further and with strength, ensuring that I keep energy for myself, looking to my ancestors and guides that have been before me, and developing guidelines for my self and future generations.

  • My birth month is April, so the diamond is my stone. My favorite saying is ” it is what it is”. I use this because I’d rather just go with the flow and not get upset about things I cannot change.

  • October Birthstone: “Let Go…”
    This is the mantra I used in my daily yoga and meditation practice. it reminds to to stay present and also to let go of any physical or mental holding I might be doing.

    PS Sharon, my bracelet business if call Follow Your Bliss! I love that mantra 🙂

        • My website is under construction at the moment but I’m on Instagram as FYB Bracelets if you’d like to take a peek at a sampling of my work 🙂

  • Oh my! What a beautiful pendant 🙂 my birthstone is December and my mantra is “om”. It reminds me that we are all one and that love is the answer every time.

    • Hi Elizabeth, can you just add a line on what this mantra means to you, as it will help me to decide the winner/s. Thank you 🙂

      • I chose this mantra after having 2 illnesses where it was questionable if I would live. I decided life is too precious to not live it fully. Everyday is a gift.

    • Hi Sylvia, can you just add a line on what this mantra means to you, as it will help me to decide the winner/s. Thank you 🙂

      • Yes! Thank you! I chose the word Genesis because it reminds me that no matter what happens in life, especially when it is bad or traumatic, I can begin again. Whether it be a fresh new day, new year, new way of doing things, new way of thinking, new appreciation for life and all that I have, I can have a new beginning. So “Genesis” is a quick reminder of that. ???? Thank you!

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