There are many situations and people that may impact the energy that you feel. If you are a particularly sensitive individual, you may pick up on the negative emotions (in people and circumstances) surrounding you and feel drained, tired, and exhausted

Essential Oils for Positivity: Photo Credit, ISP
Essential Oils for Positivity: Photo Credit, ISP


Clearing negative energy in your personal space is not a new concept; ancient civilizations often used plants to bring in peace, calm, and positivity. Native American Indians used the concept of smudging to purify or bless a place; plants such as white sage (Salvia apiana) and sage brush (Artemisia tridentata) were used in smudging ceremonies. Smudging involves the burning of plant parts which might not be conducive to modern day situations. As an alternative, you can use essential oils and hydrosols to clear out negative energy and bring back positive energy.

Situations in Which to Use Essential Oils for Positivity

Essential oils can be used to clear negative energies and emotions in the following ways:

  • in the therapy room between clients

  • in the office after a particularly intense meeting

  • in the home after an argument or disagreement

  • after a visit from an emotionally draining friend or family member

  • after a hectic and often emotionally exhausting trip to the shopping mall, dentist or doctor office, or other distressing commitment

  • after a long day.

In short, any situation that you find yourself in that leaves you exhausted or emotionally drained.

How to Use Essential Oils to Combat Negativity

I find that the most effective way to use essential oils to clear a space is an adaption of the Native American smudging practice; instead of using a smudge stick, use essential oils in a spritzer bottle and spritz the area. Alternatively, you can use a ready-to-go hydrosol and mist the space with it.

How to make an aromatherapy spritzer was discussed in this earlier blog post. If you are purchasing a hydrosol, either buy it in a spritzer bottle or transfer the hydrosol to your own spritzer bottle.

Once you’ve chosen you essential oil blend or hydrosol, spritz the space where you want to clear out negativity and bring in positive energy.

Alternatively, you might prefer to diffuse essential oils in a space – but I find that the act of spritzing appears to help to “move energy” more effectively for me.

Essential Oils to Choose for Positivity

Although some essential oils (and hydrosols) are more suitable for encouraging positive energy, I also find that a favorite aroma can be just as beneficial. You may have a favorite aroma that invokes happy thoughts and positivity and can make you feel calmer and positive after using it.

These are some of the popular essential oils suggested for clearing out negative energy:

  • cedarwood

  • sage

  • peppermint

  • cypress

  • frankincense

  • myrrh

  • citrus essential oils.

The following essential oils are some which I personally find helpful in increasing positivity in a space:

  • rose

  • neroli

  • vetiver

  • pine

  • geranium

  • fennel.

I also find that rose and neroli hydrosols work well; remember that hydrosols are not as intense in aroma as essential oils, so if you find rose essential oil too “heavy,” you might benefit from the lighter aroma of rose hydrosol.

Emotional Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are frequently used to help with anxiety, depression, and stress. In today’s overloaded world, most people suffer with some level of stress. Clearing out the negative energy that often accompanies stressful situations is quick and easy to do with essential oils. Have an essential oil spritzer or hydrosol to hand and move forward with positivity!

Learn More About Essential Oils with Sedona Aromatherapie

The physical and emotional benefits of essential oils are covered in further detail in the Sedona Aromatherapie Certification in Professional Aromatherapy course; to learn more about courses offered by Sedona Aromatherapie, visit the courses home page.


  • Sedona Aromatherapie Sage Aromatherapy Short Course

  • Author is a certified aromatherapist

  • Hutchens, Alma, 1992, A Handbook of Native American Herbs, US: Shambhala Publications, Inc.

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  • Thank you very much, Celia! I also agree that our tastes and senses (no pun intended) change as we get older. I used to love lavender but now I find neroli and geranium are more favorable – for now 🙂

  • this picture spoke to me particularly, as i have been keeping all of my aroma note notes on post it notes(and placards, and paper, and napkins, and…)
    i will have to take some pix of my own to post…. you & your blog have inspired me to get all of my aromatherapy notes into one place (the web… rather than just my many binders). in fact, it was my intention to SHOW you rather than tell you, but alas my computer hates me! i really tried for several days. i am going to try one more time to see what the glitch is, and if i cannot i will find someone who can!! so, again, many THANKS & PRAISe for all of your works and effort in aromatherapy! & especially for your own POSITIVITY !!
    on a personal note(& perhaps more pertinent to this blog!), as i age it fascinates me just how much our olfactory powers and tastes can change. i never ever thought i would enjoy geranium. suddenly, i do.

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