Choose scents such as rose and lavender for your wedding favors, ISP
Choose scents such as rose and lavender for your wedding favors, ISP

Scents can be used in weddings in several ways and can provide a certain “theme” for a wedding, just as color does. There are many scents available for weddings but if you use natural scents, such as essential oils, you will be providing your guests with subtle therapeutic benefits too! Whether you want to introduce love, peace or fun into your wedding, there are a number of scents to help.

Choose a scent, or a combination of scents, and theme it throughout your wedding in formats such as flowers and candles. Your wedding scent will invoke memories not just for you but for your guests too in years to come – and what better way to make sure the memories live on than giving a scented wedding favor?

Scented Candles for Weddings

Candles add warmth, atmosphere and romantic lighting to your wedding and are often used throughout various aspects of the ceremony and reception. However, you can also give you guests a mini version of the scented candles which you choose for your wedding in the form of tea light or votive candles. Both types of candles are the perfect size for a wedding favor.

Choose both your scent and candle type – plus color co-coordinating favor bags for the ultimate custom favor! At Sedona Aromatherapie, I use natural, soy candles in my candle making in order to give you the best that money can buy! Visit the candles and wedding page for ideas on scented candle favors.

Scented Bath Favors for Weddings

Scented bath products are not only growing in popularity but there seems to be more creative ways in which to make them each day! Bath products such as scented salts, melts or bath bombs are an ideal size for a wedding favor. They are also budget friendly, depending upon the scent which you choose for your favor.

Scented Massage Oil as Wedding Favors

Massage oils are a favorite wedding favor to indulge your guests with! You can use massage oils as both bath oils and perfume oils too. A perfect size for a wedding favor is a 0.5 oz bottle size. Color co-ordinate your bottle and favor bag with your custom scent.

Scented Body Products for Weddings

Custom made body products can be both luxurious and personal. Choose a mini-size of scented body whips, butters, lotions or balms to give your guests something to look forward to after the wedding day is over!

Natural Perfumes as Wedding Favors

Many synthetic perfumes, such as those sold by brand names in department stores, can cause allergic reactions, so give your wedding guests the gift of a natural perfume made with essential oils. This is probably one of the most expensive ideas for wedding favors – but if you have a larger budget, it is truly worth the expense!

Sedona Aromatherapie Custom Wedding Favors

I custom make each and every one of my scented wedding favors and can provide you with a quote on products such as those suggested in this post. I will also give you complimentary samples of different wedding scents, in order that you can choose the perfect scent for you! For more details of my custom wedding services visit the consultations page, or contact me directly!

Throughout January, enjoy 10% discount on all wedding orders with Sedona Aromatherapie by entering code AROMABRIDE10 at checkout or mention when contacting me.

Wishing you a wonderful wedding-full of scents!

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