Natural Beauty New Year Resolutions and Tips, ISP
Natural Beauty New Year Resolutions and Tips, ISP

Happy New Year! As this is my last post for 2012, I thought that I would take a few moments to reflect on some new year resolutions for the year ahead. Every year, many people make new year resolutions that are usually broken before January is out!

Today’s post contains some natural beauty resolutions, with the addition of aromatherapy ingredients and essential oils, that you should find relatively easy to keep! If it helps to call them something other than new year resolutions, think of them as new year beauty tips!

Natural Make-Up Spritzers for a Beautiful Face

Aromatherapy spritzers, with pure essential oils, are great for helping to keep make-up in place on your face. Simply spritz your face with a mix of distilled water and an appropriate essential oil, or use the floral water instead; for example use distilled water with essential oils of rose (Rosa damascena) or lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) or use rose or lavender hydrolat (hydrosol) instead.

Perfect, Pouty Lips with a Natural Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are used to exfoliate the body and remove dead skin cells. You usually use a more gentle facial scrub on your face, but if you want to smooth lips for a perfect pout, try using a gentle sugar scrub pre lip gloss. Use a fine grain sugar scrub and use gently to avoid dragging or breaking skin. Add appropriate essential oils for skin care such as rose, lavender or orange.

Try a Weekly Natural Facial Scrub for a Healthy Face

A weekly facial scrub will help you to keep your skin trouble free and healthy. Use a scrub base of ground oatmeal and almonds, mixed together with water to make a paste, for a gentle scrub. Add appropriate essential oils for your skin type; for example, lemon (Citrus limon) or tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) for oily skin types.

Aromatherapy Body Butter Whips for Your Body

Although you might use a daily lotion on your skin, try giving your skin a luxurious treat once a week with an aromatherapy body butter whip. Butter whips contain more natural oils (and no water) compared to regular lotions and creams and give your skin deeper moisturizing benefits. A simple aromatherapy body butter whip combination of natural oils is shea butter, jojoba oil and an essential oil of your choice.

Aromatherapy Bath Time Melts for a Spa Like Feel in Your Home

Your body deserves a real break once a week from the daily routine, stress and demands of your life! Aromatherapy bath time melts give bath time a luxurious spa like feel – within the comfort of your own home. A simple combination of cocoa butter, shea butter and jojoba oil – plus an essential oil or two- will make bath time seem like heaven! The bonus – your skin is silky smooth after bathing in natural oils so you can skip the after-bath time lotion and simply drift into bed…..

Learn How to Make Your Own Natural Beauty and Bath Time Products

If you would like to learn how to make any of the above products, Sedona Aromatherapie has several online and distance learning courses which show you how! All courses are suitable for the beginner in making aromatherapy products. If you simply want some ideas on aromatherapy recipes for these types of products, take a look at one of the Sedona Aromatherapie e-books too. Make 2013 the year you take control of your natural health and beauty!

If you would simply like a custom aromatherapy product made for you, or as a gift for a loved one, I can make you one of those too!

For more information on any of the above products, contact me personally at:


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