Bicarbonate of Soda: Photo Credit, ISP
Bicarbonate of Soda: Photo Credit, ISP

Bicarbonate of soda has many different uses. Here is a quick look at this popular ingredient – and how you can use it both in aromatherapy products and around the home. Enjoy!

What is Bicarbonate of Soda?

Bicarbonate of soda is also known by the names sodium bicarbonate and baking soda. Bicarbonate of soda is an alkali; add it to an acid (and water) and it produces carbon dioxide. The natural mineral form of sodium bicarbonate is nahcolite; it is often found dissolved in mineral springs.

Bicarbonate of soda is a white, crystalline solid but appears as a white, fine powder for cosmetic and culinary purposes. You can use it in natural cosmetic products to smooth the skin, clean, and as a deodorant. It is also used in baking recipes and as an antacid for indigestion and heartburn (when mixed with water). Bicarbonate of soda can be used to naturally clean your oven and dishes, too.

Bicarbonate of Soda for Bath Bombs

Bicarbonate of soda is a common ingredient in bath bombs. When you add a bath bomb to water, it starts to fizz; the reason that it does this is chemistry! Bath bombs are made up of several ingredients but, in simplistic terms, there are three ingredients that cause this specific chemical reaction.

Combine citric acid together with bicarbonate of soda and the dry ingredients will not cause a chemical reaction. However, add in water, and the mixture starts to produce carbon dioxide bubbles (which produce the fizz in bath bombs).

Bicarbonate of Soda for Deodorants

Bicarbonate of soda has the ability to clean and deodorize. With this in mind, it is a good ingredient to add to a recipe for a natural deodorant. Combine bicarbonate of soda with appropriate essential oils, butters, and carrier oils and you have the foundation for a natural deodorant balm. You can learn how to make this particular recipe in the Sedona Aromatherapie Certification in Professional Aromatherapy course.

Bicarbonate of Soda for Vacuuming

If you want to freshen up your carpets, sprinkle a small amount of bicarbonate of soda on the carpet before vacuuming. You can also combine it with one of your favorite essential oils for added aroma. Simply combine the bicarbonate of soda with the essential oil/s and mix together, before sprinkling on the carpet. Vacuum as usual. Keep essential oils to a minimum and understand any contra-indications for use, particularly if you have pets or young children at home.

Bicarbonate of Soda as an Oven Cleaner

If you are like me, I cannot use the chemical oven cleaners sold in stores without feeling nauseous. Bicarbonate of soda is a great alternative. Simply sprinkle a small amount of bicarbonate of soda onto the oven surfaces, spritz with a small amount of water, and leave for about twenty to thirty minutes. Wipe off with sponge. I was amazed at how clean my oven was after doing this – and no nasty chemical smells either!

Bicarbonate of Soda for Flowers

Bicarbonate of soda can be used in place of commercial flower food that is often sold with store flowers. Simply add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to a regular size vase of water to help prolong the life of your cut flowers.

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