Use lavender buds to fragrance you home! copyright Sharon Falsetto, all rights reserved
Use lavender buds to fragrance you home! copyright Sharon Falsetto, all rights reserved

With spring around the corner, its time to start thinking of how we can use some of our aromatherapy plants from the garden in practical ways in the home and in our lives.  As I sit and write this post, it is actually snowing outside, compliments of the crazy Sedona spring season, but I am hopeful that the balmy days will return in the not so distant future!  With that in mind, I thought I would take a look at some creative ways in which you can use dried lavender buds.

Lavender is a classical plant that has been used since ancient times, in one form or another, and remains in popular use today. There are many different types of lavender, including a myriad of lavender cultivars.  If you are using dried lavender buds for aromatic purposes, the most important thing to notice is the aroma of the lavender that you choose.

Here’s five simple ways that you can use dried lavender buds around the home or in your life:

  • lavender to vacuum carpets – one easy way to add some fragrance to your carpets is to sprinkle some dried lavender buds on the carpet before you vacuum!
  • lavender sachets – lavender sachets add fragrance to your drawers, in addition to being a natural insect repelent.  In your grandmother’s era, lavender moth balls were used to repel lavender from the closets.  Lavender sachets are easy to make – or buy some from the Sedona Aromatherapie webstore!
  • lavender as pot pourri – fragrance your home by simply placing lavender buds in bowls and using it as pot pourri; pot pourri can help remove unpleasant aromas from your home.
  • lavender buds in cooking – perhaps not the first thing that you think of, with regard to lavender, but lavender buds can also be used in culinary dishes.  Lavender flowers are used in lamb stuffing, in Provencal stews and in vinegars.
  • lavender as confetti – if you, or someone you know, are getting married this summer, consider using a natural confetti such as lavender buds.  Lavender buds are more fragrant, natural and earth friendly than commercial confetti.  If you want some natural lavender tosses to use as confetti for a wedding, visit the Sedona Aromatherapie webstore to learn more!

Lavender is a versatile plant and essential oil in aromatherapy use; try some of these creative ways to use lavender this year and introduce lavender into your life!

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