Follow Your Bliss Bracelets by Cherly Murphy: Photo Copyright Sharon Falsetto
Follow Your Bliss Bracelets by Cherly Murphy: Photo Copyright Sharon Falsetto

Yes, I have yet another giveaway for you this week! One of the Sedona Aromatherapie Certification in Professional Aromatherapy students makes these lovely aromatherapy bracelets and she very kindly offered to give one lucky reader a sample of her work. Read on to learn more.

About Follow Your Bliss Bracelets

Cheryl Murphy is the founder of Follow Your Bliss bracelets and each bracelet is hand made by Cheryl. In addition, each aromatherapy bracelet is unique; no two bracelets are the same. This particular Follow Your Bliss bracelet incorporates the seven chakras of the body, in addition to the tiny diffuser ball that allows for the diffusion of your favorite essential oil aroma. Match the essential oil to the chakra that you wish to accentuate, and simply breathe, as instructed on the mantra of this beautiful, beaded bracelet!

Chakras and Aromatherapy

Chakras, or wheels, are energy centers located in the body as taught and recognized by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Chinese, Hindus, Greeks, and Romans. Although different cultures may incorporate slightly different teaching practices, essentially it is believed that if your chakras are unbalanced or blocked, you will experience physiological and emotional imbalances in your body.

Chakras are aligned with the main nerve bundles in the body. Although it is thought there are many chakras throughout the body, usually the seven main chakras are recognized as follows:

  • root or base chakra

  • sacral chakra

  • solar plexus chakra

  • heart chakra

  • throat chakra

  • third eye chakra

  • crown chakra.

Colors, purposes, elements, and words are associated with each chakra. In addition, specific essential oils may be associated with each chakra.

Essential Oils and Chakras

According to Keville and Green, in Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art (2nd Edition), essential oils associated with chakras are as follows:

  • root chakra (red): myrrh to warm and energize, vetiver to ground and balance, frankincense to unite body and spirit

  • sacral chakra (orange): sandalwood to ground, jasmine for artistic development, rose for deeper spirituality and devotional love

  • solar plexus (yellow): vetiver to protect and balance, juniper to protect personal space, carrot seed to remove mental blocks

  • heart chakra (green/pink): rose for grief, envy, and jealousy, bergamot for moral courage and to accept your highest gifts, lavender for balancing lower and upper chakras

  • throat chakra (blue): Roman chamomile to encourage spiritual truth, German chamomile for calming strength and to speak truth without anger, myrrh to give a voice to those who stay silent out of fear

  • third eye (indigo): rosemary to clarify thoughts, helichrysum to enhance intuition in the right brain, and to encourage creativity and compassion, juniper to assist intuition in unselfish actions

  • crown (violet): elemi to enhance energy from root to crown, lavender to release creative potential, frankincense to connect with the Divine.

Creating Your Own Aromatherapy Blend for Your Follow Your Bliss Bracelet

You can create your own aromatherapy blend for your Follow Your Bliss bracelet by following the chakra guidelines above. If you would like to win this Follow Your Bliss bracelet, simply leave me a comment below, listing your preferred essential oils and why you feel you need this particular aromatherapy blend at this time.

If you are the lucky winner, I will make up your chosen blend and you will receive a small vial of your chosen blend (diluted in a jojoba oil base) with the bracelet. The bracelet comes in a gift box, and with instructions on how to use your blend and bracelet.

Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only.

Closing Date: Friday November  6, 2015.

Good luck!

Note: Cheryl does not currently have a website for Follow Your Bliss bracelets and predominately sells at handcraft shows and fairs, and locally. However, if you are interested in purchasing a bracelet from Cheryl, please contact me directly and I will put you in touch with her.


  • Keville, Kathi, Green, Mindy, Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art (2nd Edition), US: Crossing Press

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9 Thoughts on “Follow Your Bliss Aromatherapy Bracelet Giveaway!”

  • Congratulations to Elaine Strong, the winner of the Follow Your Bliss Aromatherapy Bracelet Giveaway!

  • This competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone for participating. The winner has been notified by email – so check your inboxes! 🙂

  • I am working through opening up my heart meridian and could greatly benefit from this bracelet as a reminder to let it go and to let others in. I don’t really know what else to say, as talking about myself and my needs is not my strong suit. Just know that your gift would do good for my life. 🙂

  • Ssolar plexus chakra
    I would benefit from juniper and carrot seed at this time and the Follow Your ( my ) Bliss bracelet to help and remind me to protect my personal space. I let too many things and people’s traumas enter my heart and space .The pain has always been hard for me to live with and know when it’s not mine. I need to bless them and move on. Thank You

  • I would love to win the bracelet. I am not sure what blend I need as right now it seems like I am living in a bad dream that has got to get better.I need strength to get through the trials to come and to maintain me through what I have already faced. Looking at the chart, though, it looks like Vetiver for balance, rose for spiratuality and love, bergamot for courage to maintain, German chamomile for calming strength, rosemary to clarify what I am thinking, and elemi to enhance my energy to last through these trials. Thank you! I love the work that has gone into the making of the bracelet.

  • heart chakra (green/pink) or third eye (indigo): I am in graduate school right now getting my nurse practitioner degree and could use the calming/balancing effects of essential oils to make it through my studies as well as giving the best care to my patients.

  • I chose the heart chakra (green/pink): rose for grief, envy, and jealousy, bergamot for moral courage and to accept your highest gifts, lavender for balancing lower and upper chakras

    My heart has been somewhat closed for a long time. I could use these oils assistance in processing emotions I have been taking a look at. And assistance in moral courage and acceptance of my highest gifts. And balancing the chakras is a wonderful thing. Balance would be so helpful! The bracelets are lovely! What a wonderful name for the company! I want to “Follow My Bliss”. 🙂

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