Home Study Aromatherapy Courses: Photo Credit, ISP
Home Study Aromatherapy Courses: Photo Credit, ISP

Home study courses are increasing in popularity, given various factors; budget, health reasons, family and work commitments are just some of the reasons why you might be considering a home study course in preference to a live class. People sometimes think that home study courses aren’t as “valid” as live classes; in fact, home study courses often require a greater degree of commitment and motivation. They also give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional – something which may not be possible if you are taking a live class with twenty other people. Here’s a quick look at why you might choose a home study aromatherapy certification course.

What Type of Aromatherapy Student Are You?

People learn in different ways; while some people need step-by-step physical guidance to understand a subject, others work better alone – provided that there is good support and quality material to help you succeed. Successful home study aromatherapy students are, in general, independent, well motivated, committed, and can understand the written word easily.

Home study aromatherapy courses usually contain a greater degree of assessment (both written and practical) because the teacher is not on hand to assess the student’s learning in class. However, this can sometimes lead to a greater understanding of the subject area, if assessment tools are used effectively, and there is good communication between the student and teacher.

A good teacher will do more than simply issue an aromatherapy workbook and leave you to complete assignments with little feedback given on completed work; a good aromatherapy teacher will read your work, make suggestions where appropriate, double-check facts, and answer any questions or difficulties you are having.

What are the Qualifications and Experience of Your Aromatherapy Teacher?

The qualifications and experience of your aromatherapy teacher are key to helping you succeed in your aromatherapy course. Ask a potential aromatherapy course provider the following questions in helping you decide if their home study course is suitable for you:

  • Who did the aromatherapy teacher complete their aromatherapy training with? If the aromatherapy teacher trained with a recognized name in the industry, it should give you some indication of the quality of the courses offered

  • How many years in aromatherapy practice or business has the aromatherapy teacher had? Ideally, a good aromatherapy teacher will have spent several years “practicing what they preach” before attempting to teach you the same. Some teachers may also maintain an aromatherapy practice or business alongside their teaching, meaning that they are still dealing with current issues and developments in the aromatherapy business and have one-on-one access with customers; this factor may offer more information to you in your learning

  • Has the teacher written any other publications or courses? The credibility of an aromatherapy teacher who has authored books, articles, and other courses is probably higher than those who lack this experience – although this is not always true

  • Is your aromatherapy teacher an effective writer? This statement is key to a home study course where all course material is communicated via the written word; in addition, the aromatherapy teacher will need to be precise and clear in answering your questions via email for ongoing support with the course. Check articles, blogs, and other publications (often available for free on the internet) of the teacher’s style of writing and decide if it is clear and concise enough for you

  • Are the aromatherapy courses accredited? Although there is no legal requirement to accredit aromatherapy courses (or any legal qualifications to practice as an aromatherapist), accreditation of a course (with a recognized body) helps to give you some indication of the quality of the course offered. However, there are many quality short aromatherapy courses too that don’t fit any accreditation criteria, if you just want to learn for pleasure. Check these courses against others offered by the aromatherapy teacher

  • What type of support is offered with the course? Most home study aromatherapy courses are offered with e-mail support with the teacher. However, some courses may also offer support via skype, telephone, and video

  • Personal recommendation – personal recommendation of an aromatherapy teacher is always good! Some aromatherapy schools have bigger budgets than others and can afford to spend more money on advertising and promotion. This does not necessarily mean that there are not other good aromatherapy schools out there – its just that they might be harder to find!

  • Online or home study? People often get confused between online and home study aromatherapy courses. In addition, there are various types of online courses offered – some have restricted enrollment and class times whereas others allow you to sign up and work at your own pace. Home study aromatherapy courses are usually paper-based where a printed workbook is mailed out to you to work with. However, given today’s technology, some providers offer the same workbook via PDF files, meaning you can download the workbook to your kindle, tablet or phone and work off-line – any time and any place! (no internet connection is required after initial download).

Study Aromatherapy at Home With Sedona Aromatherapie

Finally, I completed the vast majority of my own aromatherapy training via home study – with a highly respected UK aromatherapy school, Penny Price Aromatherapy. I have since completed further training through live classes and a field trip to France, but my initial training was home based. I have also done a lot of research and reading of my own through books.

To date, I have published one aromatherapy book with a New York publishing house, written countless of aromatherapy articles both on and offline, co-edited the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal since 2013, completed private writing and editing assignments on e-books, articles, and books – and written the Sedona Aromatherapie Home Study Aromatherapy Program. I have helped many students succeed in their aromatherapy courses, regardless of different, individual goals.

I have been asked for aromatherapy advice by various brand name spas and hotels – and created custom aromatherapy blends for spas, brides, therapists, and individuals for various purposes. With that in mind, I think that I am qualified to say that home study courses can provide quality information for an aromatherapy career. Just make sure that you do your homework on your course provider – and decide if you have the commitment and motivation to succeed as a home study student.

Further information on the Sedona Aromatherapie Home Study Aromatherapy Course Program can be found on the courses home page.

Good luck!

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