Authentic Aromatherapy by Sharon Falsetto, Skyhorse Publishing
Authentic Aromatherapy by Sharon Falsetto, Skyhorse Publishing

Authentic Aromatherapy is finally published! In an earlier blog post, I discussed my upcoming aromatherapy book due for publication in January 2014. Well, that date has now arrived and there are various ways you can choose to purchase Authentic Aromatherapy. If you live outside of the United States, you will probably have to wait until February 2014 to purchase the book – unless you purchase from a US supplier. Here’s how you can get your copy of Authentic Aromatherapy!

Autographed Copies of Authentic Aromatherapy

If you would like to purchase a signed copy of Authentic Aromatherapy, you can only purchase the book from one place – via the Sedona Aromatherapie website. I will personally sign your copy of the book with any message you would like – and even enclose a free aromatherapy sample!

For details on purchasing an autographed copy of Authentic Aromatherapy, visit the Sedona Aromatherapie website. The book costs $19.95 (plus shipping) within the 48 continental United States.

Authentic Aromatherapy from Amazon

Amazon is one of the major retailers of Authentic Aromatherapy with free shipping on all orders over $35. So, as Authentic Aromatherapy is priced less than this, you have a good excuse to stock up on another aromatherapy favorite while you are there! 😉

For details on purchasing Authentic Aromatherapy direct from, visit this link. You can purchase the hard copy – or a digital equivalent for your tablet, phone or other electronic reading device.,, and other Amazon outlets in Europe may also carry Authentic Aromatherapy.

Barnes and Noble Nook Version of Authentic Aromatherapy

A few people have asked me if Authentic Aromatherapy is available for Barnes and Noble Nook. Yes, it is also available in this format for those who love their Nook!

For more information on purchasing Authentic Aromatherapy in this format, visit this link.

Other Ways to Buy Authentic Aromatherapy

Depending upon how many copies you wish to purchase, and which establishment you work for, it may be possible for you to purchase Authentic Aromatherapy direct from Skyhorse Publishing or one of its distributors. In addition, there are other retailers and booksellers who may have a copy of the book – or be able to purchase it for you.

There are many places from which to purchase your copy of Authentic Aromatherapy! If you need more information about the content of the book before purchasing, don’t forget to visit this earlier blog post. Finally, if you do purchase Authentic Aromatherapy, I really appreciate any feedback, reviews and comments you would like to leave – either at, via Facebook or sent to me personally for inclusion on the Sedona Aromatherapie website 🙂

Happy reading!

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