Tranquility Zone Mobile Massage and Day Spa with Dee Kalda, photo used with permission
Tranquility Zone Mobile Massage and Day Spa with Dee Kalda, photo used with permission

Its been a while since I published an interview with a professional aromatherapist (I think everyone is extremely busy at the moment!) but this week I am happy to introduce you to another of my aromatherapy colleagues from Australia – with a difference!  Deanne Kalda owns and operates the Tranquility Zone Mobile Massage and Day Spa (the name alone instantly induces me into an anticipated state of tranquility!); she recently  took some time out from her busy practice to grant a few words with Aromatherapy Notes.  This is Dee’s story; enjoy!

AN: Thank you Dee for taking the time out from your busy schedule to answer a few questions about your unique aromatherapy offerings up in northern Australia!

DK: My pleasure Sharon! Thank you for interviewing me.

AN: Please tell us a little bit about your initial aromatherapy training and what prompted you to pursue a career in aromatherapy.

DK: I had been interested in aromatherapy for a long time and had done a couple of short courses and a lot of reading! I found it helpful for myself on both a physical & emotional level. I also loved aromatherapy skin care and this was a major reason for deciding to further my education. I wanted to learn more about the oils and how to use them to be able to improve my own life and to help others. So I decided to do the Diploma of Aromatherapy at The College of Natural Therapies in Sydney, which was where I lived at that time.

AN: How did you end up in tropical north Queensland? What differences do you find from working in the busy city of Sydney?

DK: I’d love to say there was some grand plan to move to the tropics and create a successful business but it was really something we (my husband & I) didn’t think about much, which is the only way to do it!!!! My husband was made redundant from the IT Industry and didn’t want to go back to it. I was only practicing part time in Sydney and I thought I would be able to it full time in Port Douglas – luckily I was right!

There are many differences from working in Sydney. Sydney is a big city with lots of people and opportunities. Tropical North Queensland is a very isolated place to live with a small population who live here full time & another section of the population live here say half of the year and go somewhere else during our wet season. Then there are the tourists who visit us during the dry season – our busiest time is from April until October and Christmas/New Year. So we have many “quiet” months with minimum tourists and many people who live here take their holidays or live somewhere else in the wet season. There is little consistency in the amount of work. It is more difficult here to find balance when there is such a busy time of year and then a very quiet time. Having said that, I love it! There are some amazing & inspiring people here and I have learnt a lot during my time here.

AN: Why did you decide to create a mobile aromatherapy and massage service? What challenges/advantages does this have over a fixed location?

DK: I decided to create a mobile business to fill a need for local people & the tourist market. We have so many luxury holiday houses & hotels that create the perfect environment for having massage & spa treatments with the added benefit of not having to drive home afterwards!

The challenges include carrying and setting up in each location which can be time consuming, creating a quiet private space for clients when you don’t have full control over your surroundings. However, the advantages far outweigh the challenges! I can create a day spa environment for the client in their own home or holiday accommodation. I take everything that you would have in a day spa! The client can continue relaxing after their treatment, they don’t have to think about getting home. The advantage for me is that I am in different locations all the time, the variety is fabulous!

AN: Tell us a little bit about aromastone massage therapy and scenStone facials (these two treatments particularly caught my eye on your list of qualifications!)

DK: I trained in Stone therapy about 6 years ago and from the minute I picked up the Stones I loved them!!! They become a natural extension of your hands (From a therapists point of view it is easier on your hands). It is an amazing healing technique which combines massage & the use of warm basalt stones and cool marble to soothe muscle tension & help create a deep sense of relaxation. It improves circulation and deeply relaxes muscles. The effect is sheer magic!!!

The stones can also be used in facials to relax muscles, improve circulation, detox & improve the overall look & feel of your skin.

In both body & face therapies I use aromatherapy to enhance the treatment. It really doesn’t get much better than that!!!

AN: What qualities do you think an aromatherapist should have in addition to aromatherapy training?

DK: A caring nature and love of helping people is essential in our business!

AN: Do you have any other advice for those considering a career in aromatherapy?

Read lots, connect with like minded people, ask questions all the time, join a professional association, keep doing more study, don’t do it unless you love it!!!

AN: Finally, where can people go to learn more about your aromatherapy business?

DK: Website: Tranquility Zone Mobile Massage and Day Spa

Facebook: Tranquility Zone Mobile Massage and Day Spa

Blog: Dee’s Dialogue


AN: Thank you once again Dee; if I ever make it back to Northern Queensland, I will be sure to look you you for an aromatherapy treatment! 🙂

I am always looking for interesting professional aromatherapists to interview on Aromatherapy Notes; so, if you have a story to tell, send me an e-mail at:

And thank you to all the lovely ladies who have taken the time to participate in this fun exercise so far; not only have I have learned about aromatherapy around the globe but I have made some friends too! 🙂

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