Julie Nelson of Aromatique Essentials, AustraliaThis week I have another interview with an Australian aromatherapist; you have already met Wendy Norman of Blossom Aromatherapy and Maria Mitchell, Author of the Aromatic Practitioner’s Reference in previous interviews.  Today, I’m introducing you to Julie Nelson of Aromatique Essentials in my series of  interviews with professional aromatherapists.  Read on to find out why it was important for Julie to create her own aromatherapy business, what she loves (and doesn’t love!) about owning her own business and about the creation of her own signature perfumes!

AN: First of all, thank you Julie for agreeing to take some time out of your busy life to answer a few questions about your aromatherapy career! I was extremely interested in interviewing you for my blog as I don’t know a lot about aromatherapy practice in Australia 🙂

I understand that you have been working as an aromatherapist for fourteen years now. What inspired you to get involved in aromatherapy?

JN: Thank you…. For connecting and asking me, I love sharing my passion with people! Actually I have been involved with Aromatherapy for around 17 years now and practicing for 15 years or so.

My story is longish, so I will try to keep it short.

There were a couple of reasons~

1.From a young child I always remember thinking and feeling that there had to be something special for me to do. I never felt enthusiastic about work and I certainly didn’t want to be stuck in a 9-5 job.

Being creative is essential for me although I was not really conscious of that when I was a young girl I simply knew that I loved to dance, paint and draw it made me come alive. I had no idea what I was to do ~ I wanted to be a ballerina or a famous fashion designer…lol. Something different to everyone else.

2. When I was 30 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Amy was born with a congenital life threatening illness and there it began. As a mother I felt so helpless and wanted to do so much more. It took me 3 years to discover ‘Aromatherapy’. Actually a friend of mine introduced me to essential oils and I immediately fell in love with the beautiful aromas… I instantly felt pleasure it was magickal! There was a small new age shop nearby, which sold essential oils… I was hooked and decided that this was it I wanted to learn about these precious beauties from Mother Nature and I knew that I could use them to support my girl emotionally, physiologically and spiritually.

AN: What led you to the creation of your own aromatherapy business? Tell us a little bit about where you are based and what your services you offer.

JN: I created my own business so that I could have the flexibility to be with my daughter as she frequented hospital and I would stay in there with her. I wanted to be with her and having my own business I could do this.

I was very much focused on teaching I absolutely love it and had lectured for many years in Aromatherapy at two of Australia’s leading natural therapies colleges. I spent 12years lecturing at Nature Care College. I also taught at Ella Bache` school of beauty and I ran my own workshops.

I have a beautiful business “Aromatique Essentials” here I create luxurious beauty and therapeutic products and personalised perfumes. Each product is hand made to order with essential oils and natural ingredients and can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Aromatique Essentials is more than skin deep working on your physiological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

My two favourite things with Aromatique Essentials is creating products for my clients and teaching through live webinars and face to face workshops and seminars.

I am based in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia and frequent Sydney for my business and social get togethers, networking etc. The beauty about working for yourself and from home is that you have freedom. I have clients in the US, Noumea, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Oh I must share that I am launching an e-book and a new Business that goes hand in hand with Aromatique Essentials. Coco~Aroma will be launching around June of this year. We will be providing Cacao certified organic edibles for your health and wellbeing as well as cacao Aromatherapy products and running very decadent chocolate parties!!!

AN: One of the services that you provide is the creation of signature perfumes. What factors do you take into account when you create a signature perfume for someone?

JN: Arhhh… I love creating personalized perfumes ~ I look at some basic elements in my clients Astrology birth charts, smell preference, personality type and offer free consultations at present so that we can connect and I get to know a bit about them on a personal level, which all helps to create the perfect perfume.

AN: You teach aromatherapy, write about aromatherapy and make aromatherapy products. What aspect of your aromatherapy business do you enjoy most and why?

JN: Hmmm, a very tough question as I absolutely love it all especially creating blends and teaching. I do not like the admin stuff…yuk! If I am being creative in my work I am my most happiest and this can be from creating product, training, writing oh and I really love doing photo shoots! My daughter is a photographer and we work together to create themes for Aromatique Essentials Ezine. Being a Libra and ruled by Venus I love beauty of all kinds and to be surrounded it beauty for example the Beautiful Aroma of essential oils!

AN: What qualities do you think an aromatherapist should have in addition to aromatherapy training?

JN: To be passionate about what we do is so important as when ‘we love what we do and do what we love’ we will give our absolute best and it will shine through. Kindness, openness, trust in oneself and be in a great place on a personal level ~ love ourselves, love life and being grateful to have such a wonderful tool at hand and being able to share this with others to improve their health and wellbeing on all levels.

I also believe it is our duty to educate people in Aromatherapy, to encourage others to take responsibility for themselves which is very healing and empowering for them.

AN: Tell us a little bit about aromatherapy practice in Australia. Are there any required qualifications to practice as an aromatherapist and is there any form of regulatory board for aromatherapy in Australia?

JN: To practice Aromatherapy and be covered with insurance you must have a diploma or at least a cert4. in Aromatherapy. Sadly this is not always the case as you may know and there are people out there that can potentially harm our industry because they are not qualified and give incorrect information.

Yes we have associations for all Natural therapy modalities which have strict guidelines and regulations. You must be insured to belong to the appropriate association.

AN: Is aromatherapy an “accepted” practice in health care in Australia or is it still a work-in-progress? 🙂

JN: Aromatherapy today is becoming more and more accepted with many nurses now studying I believe they will be our pioneers for introducing it into the orthodox medical world. Yes still a work in progress improving all of the time. Aromatherapy has been accepted into hospitals and other institutions mainly for supporting patients and clients on an emotional level. They will use electric oil burners or diffusers and we do have mixed clinics with doctors and natural therapy practioner’s working and supporting each other in their clinics which is fabulous.

AN: Do you have any other advice for those considering a career in aromatherapy?

JN: Aromatherapy truly is a rewarding and beautiful industry to be involved in. If you love it go for it!

You can practice Aromatherapy for beauty as well as therapeutically. The Beauty industry as you know is Massive and I believe it is essential to get out there and educate, especially woman on the importance of using natural products in your skin care.

For example many off the shelf products do contain parabens, I use this as an example as they are the most recognized. Parabens will attach to cancerous tumors and aid in promoting the growth of the tumor. It is important for consumers to understand that many harmful chemicals do get into our bloodstream via subcutaneous absorbtion. Oh sorry going off on a tangent!

AN: Finally, where can people go to learn more about Julie Nelson and Aromatique Essentials? 

JN: http://www.aromatiqueessentials.com.au is my website

info@aromatiqueessentials.com.au my email



I also have a profile on LinkedIn.

By the way I love to connect and meet with people and I am always happy to discuss or answer your questions in regards to one of my greatest passions so do pop by and friend me 🙂

Thanks, Julie!  Next week, I will have another aromatherapy book review, followed by another very interesting interview with a professional aromatherapist the week after!  If you want to be featured in my series of interviews with professional aromatherapists, send  an e-mail to:


Tell me a little bit about yourself, your aromatherapy experience and, if possible, send me a link to your website 🙂  I am always looking to share interesting stories of professional aromatherapists from around the world!

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