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Anyone with a passion for aromatics in the work place, studio, or garden
Aspiring aromatherapists, aromatic herbalists, or aromatic gardeners
Anyone who wants unlimited access to aromatic recipes, blending techniques, and our other top-notch resources

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COMING IN 2021! Enjoy exclusive access to our flower photo library. All photos are the work of our founder, Sharon Falsetto.


PRE-SALE SNEAK PEEK, AVAILABLE NOW! Start creating your own products at home with unlimited access to recipes for lotions, scrubs, salts, oils, bath bombs, and more.


COMING IN 2021! Learn all about our specialized blending techniques, perfected over many years of experience from our founder, Sharon Falsetto.

Safety Techniques

COMING IN 2021! Learn how to work with aromatics safely from babies to seniors, and everyone in-between.


COMING IN 2021! Learn the history, uses, and therapeutic properties of specific plants with our deep dive into botanicals.

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Enjoy a full year of access to our Botanical Aromatherapy Membership Club at the pre-sale rate of $69 beginning February 1st, 2021. Upon enrollment, you will gain immediate access to our recipe library of over 65 recipes. Afterward, you can take advantage of our discounted annual rate of $89!

Browse through our selection of aromatic recipes, flower photos, blending techniques information, and deep dive into specific botanicals

Starting February 1st, 2021, take advantage of your unlimited access to the Botanical Aromatherapy™ vault. Feel free to explore, download, and try out all of our goodies. This includes access to blending worksheets and charts, safety guidelines, deep-dive botanical profiles (all downloadable and printable). Our photo library will open later in 2021, along with short videos of the garden and apothecary.


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