Online Aromatherapy Scholarships: At No Cost to You!

From March 2020 through December 2022, we awarded over 65 online aromatherapy scholarships for our two flagship courses: Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy and Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy, through an application process. During this pivotal time in history and healthcare, we realized the hidden need for quality, low-cost aromatherapy education for community purposes on both a personal and business level.

So, we reviewed everything we learned through this period and designed new versions of our programs which are now automatically scholarship-funded by us. No application. No process. No wondering if you are ever going to get that elusive aromatherapy scholarship!

We now offer an online aromatherapy scholarship funded Certificate in Community Aromatherapy. This is the perfect solution if you want to learn aromatherapy online to help your family and/or community with minor health-related problems. You also have the option to study the course by itself or add on the aromatherapy assessment module (for a small additional fee) to bring your learning up to NAHA certified aromatherapist level 1. Either way, you get a certificate of completion on successful completion of your program!

We are still reviewing the the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy program but currently offer an Aromatherapy Certification Cash Rewards Program where you can purchase this program for an amazingly low, low price for paying upfront! No cash? No problem! You can still purchase our Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy program for under $1,000 due to a partial-scholarship applied to the program to keep costs low to you.

What will change in the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy program update? Not a lot! We are updating outdated web links, botanical names, and minor updates that are necessary over time. There really is no reason to wait to start your aromatherapy education! You can be enjoying the following benefits NOW:

  • monthly zoom meet up with your fellow students to build community, ask questions, share successes!
  • one-on-one mentorship via email exclusively with our founder Sharon Falsetto Chapman. Absolutely no substitutes.
  • access to our private student Facebook group.
  • 250 hours of original aromatherapy content, supported by professional aromatherapy texts to expand and challenge your aromatherapy knowledge.
  • low cost online aromatherapy certification at first class level
  • become a NAHA certified professional aromatherapist level 2.

But how do your aromatherapy scholarships work?

We automatically fund a certain percentage of the average cost of aromatherapy programs on the market. The price you see listed on our site, is the price that you will pay, which is significantly lower than the usual cost of aromatherapy course programs.

How can you do this? We decided to become a low-profit business at the onset of COVID-19, and saw the need for quality, low-cost aromatherapy certification. We simply take less of a profit from our business for personal needs and offer our services at low-cost. Is it hard to maintain this way of doing business in a for-profit world? Yes. But it is something we have wanted to do from the onset of setting up our aromatherapy school and now is the time that people need it.

Why do you do this? We love aromatherapy! And we think that the world needs more quality-educated aromatherapists – like you!


*subject to intermittent review.

What You Will Pay

PDF $349.00 $949.00/cash rewards $695.00
PRINT on request on request
PDF AND PRINT COMBO on request on request

WE ALSO OFFER PAYMENT PLANS! Can’t afford to pay the full cost up front? We got you! Apart from our Aromatherapy Certification Cash Rewards Program, we offer payment plans through both and Paypal’s (Credit) 6 monthly interest-free option. payment plans include a 10% mark-up fee. You will see the option for both of these payment methods on either the shop listing page or at checkout.

What do your aromatherapy scholarship programs cover?

Take note of any other expenses you might incur in order to complete your aromatherapy course. For example, additional books required, and supplies to make products and blends.  The aromatherapy course program only covers course workbooks and one-on-one tuition and mentoring (which is rare in today’s world) by Sharon Falsetto Chapman, Botanical Aromatherapy Membership School for one year (not applicable to current Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy course), monthly zoom student sessions, including final assessments and exams (where stated), where appropriate.

Want an idea of these extra costs? Check out our FREE course guide here!

Make sure that you understand the total costs to complete an aromatherapy course such as this, before committing to enrollment in our school.

A Low-Profit Initiative for Aromatherapy and Botanical Education

Sedona Aromatics is not a non-profit business. We aim to make enough profit to cover our expenses, pay a fair wage to anyone hired to help complete a project or service on behalf of Sedona Aromatics, and move our business and school forward for the ultimate benefits of our students and clients. We are offering community scholarship-funded aromatherapy programs as part of our vision and mission statement goals which you can find more information on the About pages of our website.

Our goal is to bring the highest standard of aromatherapy education to the aromatherapy community at the lowest cost we can do so, helping to empower a future generation in plant and health education.

Aromatherapy scholarship funded programs are our commitment to contributing to making aromatherapy education more accessible to lower-income groups or for those with other extenuating circumstances. We do not discriminate against any color, gender, race, or anyone or anything else.

Our students are from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and communities but they all have one thing in common – a love for aromatherapy! Will you join us?

We are also a NAHA Approved School Educator and NAHA Approved Continuing Education Provider.

If you have any questions, please contact us at sharon{at}

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