Our Vision Statement

 High-standard, low-cost aromatherapy education. Our main goal is to empower people to take control of their own health and lives by learning to use aromatic plants in the practice of aromatherapy and herbalism, both at home and professionally.

Our Mission Statement 

Our mission is to bring you the highest standard of aromatherapy educational resources through innovative hands-on learning, multiple media options, expert services, and a totally unique approach.

Our History

Sharon wrote her first aromatherapy course in 2011 and has been writing courses and teaching online ever since. She has been working as an aromatherapy professional since 2005, and was working in healthcare in the UK way back in the 1990’s. In late 2015, she had a vision to turn her one-acre rural Arizona property into aromatic gardens and a teaching venue to teach aromatherapy from the true source – the plant, not the bottle. With little funds, she slowly began to create not just one aromatic garden, but a sanctuary comprising of several aromatic gardens and an outdoor studio space, in addition to her current office space. It has been, and continues to be, a true labor of love.

Ultimately, Sedona Aromatics: The Garden School Online™ was created from years of learning and experience, long before the physical manifestation transpired in 2015. It is a unique aromatherapy school in that it is a “working” school. Its founder, Sharon Falsetto Chapman, continues to practice aromatherapy as a consultant, writer, editor, and custom blend and scent creator, when called to do so, while also teaching and working in the Sedona Aromatics school and garden.

COVID-19 impacted the way we do business. As an immune-compromised person, Sharon decided that onsite workshops were no longer feasible with regard to her health situation. But also because she wanted to reach a wider audience, at a lower cost, with such valuable information as we embark on a world where COVID-19 will be present. The Botanical Aromatherapy™ Membership School was birthed at the onset of COVID-19 with these wider goals in mind. Check out our articles, recipes, worksheets, photo library and e-classes for one low fee per year!

Our Language of Aromatics™ program currently incorporates our two certification courses in aromatherapy.

Our Future Legacy

Our goal is to bring the highest standard of aromatherapy education to the aromatherapy community at the lowest cost we can do so.

Sedona Aromatics is a socially driven business. What does that mean and why have we done it?

When COVID-19 hit, it became evident that this crisis would have long reaching effects, not just for health, but for our (worldwide) economy as well. It also became apparent, from feedback from, and the actions of, students and clients, that health education was more important than it has ever been, particularly in the fields of aromatherapy and herbalism. 

The crashed economy meant that although people wanted to educate themselves, they had less disposal income to do so. Our partial-scholarship program which was originally launched for 2 weeks as part of a spring sale initiative, just days before the pandemic was declared, actually ended up stretching into a 3-month period. It became apparent that there was a need for high quality-low cost education in aromatherapy. And, so our legacy was birthed: To become a socially responsible business as an aromatherapy and herbalism educator. In a few short months, we pivoted our business to reflect the needs of future students: The aromatherapists, herbalists, and plant stewards, regardless of status, interests, or means, who will carry forward the sustainability and knowledge of plants, and plant medicine, to the next generation.

Starting spring 2023, we are converting our two aromatherapy certification courses to scholarship-funded programs, meaning that our aromatherapy education is one of the lowest priced in the industry but without compromising on quality.

Be assured that the quality of our education is not inferior to other aromatherapy schools. Our founder, Sharon Falsetto Chapman, has a long history and high standard of education and experience in the aromatherapy world. With a BA (Hons) degree in Business and Accounting, she has worked hard to come up with ways to bring you one of the highest standards of aromatherapy education available while maintaining a low-profit business.

Our Business Going Forward:

A Low Profit Initiative for Aromatherapy and Botanical Education

Our school and our business will continue to shape into the vision we have over the next few years. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

To learn more about our founder – Sharon click here.