Our Founder: Sharon Falsetto Chapman

Sharon Falsetto Chapman


My name is Sharon Falsetto Chapman, and I am the founder of Sedona Aromatics. I am a self-described renaissance creative, meaning that my education and experience are vast in many areas, and that I believe in both the artistic elements of my craft, as well as the science-backed evidence. 


I am one of the first graduates of the English Aromatherapy school, Penny Price Aromatherapy Academy.  In future years, I went onto further my aromatherapy education with a week-long study trip to France with Penny Price, and a hands-on aromatherapy distillation workshop with Ann Harman in Washington state, among other things.

I have been certified as an aromatherapist since 2005 and today I am serving on the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy‘s Executive Board as Director Coordinator since 2018, as the regional director for Arizona since 2011, and I have been the Chief Editor the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) Aromatherapy Journal since 2015. Since 2023, I have been responsible for the design of the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal, too.

I have worked in the healthcare industry since the 1990’s, after leaving university, first in the UK, and then founding my own aromatherapy business with an unexpected move to the United States in 2006. I have accumulated a vast knowledge and experience of aromatherapy business over the years, working as a consultant for international (airline and hotel chains) businesses, creating blends for start-up aromatherapy businesses, working one-on-one with clients, and writing, editing, and teaching aromatherapy in various formats.

Writer and Editor:

I have been writing and editing professionally since 2008, becoming a published author of the book Authentic Aromatherapy in 2014 (New York: Skyhorse Publishing 2014), and working as Chief Editor for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy’s Aromatherapy Journal since 2015. I wrote the complete Language of Aromatics™ home study aromatherapy program for Sedona Aromatics and I write all of the class content for the Botanical Aromatherapy™ Membership School. I also coach writing clients, edit content, and help design publications on private assignments.

Herbalist and Gardener:

I am also a certified herbalist, with over 1,000 hours of professional herbal study, studying under the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine in the United States. Plants are at the core of what I do at Sedona Aromatics, so it only makes sense to continually study the stars of the show! My love for gardening stems from a family of gardeners, although my own immersion into full-on gardening began in the last six years when I started a garden from scratch as part of the healing process from chronic illness and as a survivor of an abusive marriage. I took a university administered master garden studies course, and dove into a garden-based herbal study course, but my true learning has been hands-on in the garden – mistakes and all! Consequently, Sedona Aromatics is now heavily focused on aromatic plants in the garden and how we can all use them to heal.

Botanical Perfumer:

My most recent adventure is the launch of my own fragrance line, completely sourced from botanicals. Being a botanical perfumer allows me to express the creative side of myself, in addition to deepening my relationship with aromatics. Each fragrance tells a story so it also challenges the writer in me!

Sharon Falsetto Chapman Extra:

I have a BA (Hons) degree in Business and Accounting from the UK University of Sunderland, I have extensively traveled the world (five out of seven continents), I am a dual citizen of the US-UK, a former reflexologist and massage therapist, a dog mom, an autoimmune disorder warrior, DV survivor, and much more.

COVID-19 marked a pivotal turning point in my life, and I was inspired to pivot my business to a low-profit initiative to make aromatherapy and herbal education more affordable for all. Plants are our past, our present, and our future and are tantamount to our health. It is my view that this information should be available to all, regardless of age, class, race, color, gender, or any other classification society confers on us. Consequently, I have dedicated Sedona Aromatics: The Garden School (Online)™ to be part of that legacy for the future of (wo)mankind.

Aromatically Yours,


You can reach Sharon at: sharon {at} sedonaaromatics.com

NOTE: Sharon recently changed her professional name from Sharon Falsetto to Sharon Falsetto Chapman. You may see both names used throughout our website, products, and services.