Tech and Admin

Celeste Femia

Celeste is our awesome tech and admin assistant responsible for the smooth running of our website and online school. In a short space of time, she has proved to be an invaluable part of our support team! She is Sharon’s #1 support for, well, everything related to Sedona Aromatics’ virtual world!

Celeste also runs her own business, Celeste & Co. You can learn more by visiting her website at: Celeste & Co.  

In her spare time, you can find Celeste hiking one of the beautiful ranges in the Bay Area, cooking up a new adventure in the kitchen or galavanting around the world. You can follow along with her excursions, travel recommendations, and awesome pics here.

Harry Sedona Aromatics

And not forgetting…

Harry: Garden Helper and Therapy Dog

Harry is an integral part of the Sedona Aromatics garden team, supervising the labeling of plant tags, and moving them around as necessary; digging up seeds and bulbs to place them where he thinks they should be; approving new aromatics with a sniff of “yay” or “nay”; and not allowing anyone or anything through the garden gate that disrupts the garden physically, mentally, or energetically.

Harry’s hobbies include running, jumping, eating, sleeping, and being the ultimate love bug to those who win his loyalty. Without Harry, team Sedona Aromatics would undoubtedly be not as much fun! If you ever have the honor of meeting Harry in person, I’m sure you’ll agree!




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