Pinterest, the latest social media tool, Pinterest
Pinterest, the latest social media tool, Pinterest

The latest success story in social media tools is Pinterest.  Although I discovered Pinterest last year, before its popularity soared, I didn’t utilize it to its full effect as an aromatherapist until recently.  So what is Pinterest? And why should those interested in aromatherapy be using it?

Understanding Pinterest

Pinterest is essentially an online pinboard; if you like visual things, you’ll love Pinterest!  Basically, you “collect,” “repin” and “like” photos and pictures that interest you and share them much in the same way as you do on facebook.  To get started, you create different “boards” that share the same theme to which you “pin” your photos.  Photos carry a brief description and link back to the source (website) of where the “pin” was uploaded from (unless you manually upload your photos).  The difference between twitter, facebook and Pinterest is that Pinterest is all about the photo/picture – literally.  You can share and like things with just friends, or make your page public.

Pinterest for Aromatherapists and Those Interested in Aromatherapy

Although I am not an expert on Pinterest, and there are others who are probably more qualified than me to advise you on the full potential of Pinterest, I thought that I would share with you some of the ways in which I have utilized Pinterest and have made it work for me:

  • I have created Pinterest boards for subjects such as “My Aromatherapy Blog,” “Aromatherapy Recipes,” “Sedona Aromatherapie Products,” “Essential Oils” and “Custom Aromatherapy Services.” Most of these boards promote my own products, writing and services but you will notice that in Aromatherapy Recipes I have included other websites.
  • The pinboard Aromatherapy Recipes, along with other boards such as “Lavender,” include pins that are of interest to me too!  These are posts that I will go back and look at to get ideas of my own
  • you don’t have follow every single board of a person on Pinterest; so if they have boards about “fluffy dogs” and “flowers,” and you are only interested in “flowers,” you can choose just to follow that board
  • I have found new connections and useful information on Pinterest that I might not have found on other social media networks; in addition, I have more ideas for aromatherapy recipes than I know what to do with at the moment!  But I know where they are when I have the time to come back to them
  • Pinterest is a great visual showcase for your aromatherapy products; people tend to notice photos first before reading a description, so take full advantage of the visual capacity of Pinterest.

Pinterest is fun (and addictive) and is a great addition to your social media tools – whether you are a professional aromatherapist or just someone with an interest in aromatherapy.  It is a great place to showcase your own products (and writing posts, just make sure you have a good photo to go with it) but is also a great place to inspire you and collect new ideas!

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, make a point to check it out – and don’t forget to visit me while you are there! 🙂


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