Planting an Aromatic Garden: One Pot at a Time

Planting an Aromatic Garden One Pot at a Time

Planting an aromatic garden doesn’t have to be a big job. It can be as simple as starting with one pot. Many aromatic herbs flourish in pots and, grouped together, you can have a small aromatic garden on your patio or balcony in no time!

Tips for Planting an Aromatic Garden

Here are a few tips for starting an small aromatic garden of your own:

  • choose easy-to-grow herbs such as basil, thyme, lemon balm, and mint to start with.
  • choose organic, heirloom seeds where possible.
  • follow the instructions on the seed packet for the correct time to plant.
  • you can also purchase small plants from your local garden center. Most local garden centers now have organic plants for sale. Alternatively, buy from a local farm or farmers’ market.
  • make sure that your aromatic herbs receive sufficient water and sunshine to flourish.
  • many aromatic herbs are annual. However, you can take the pots indoors at the end of the growing season to try to extend the life of the herbs.

Planting an Aromatic Garden with Sedona Aromatics

If you have health issues that prevent you from doing any type of gardening, or simply don’t have the time, planting an aromatic garden can still be within your reach. Simply let us do the hard work for you by adopting one of our Plant-an-Aromatic-Herb Pots for a season! Here’s a quick look at we offer.

Plant-an-aromatic-herb Pot

By adopting a Plant-an-Aromatic-Herb Pot for a season, you’ll receive:

  • a plant pot of your own including potting soil and choice of herb to plant for one season (grown from seed)*
  • maintenance of your herb pot
  • an information sheet on your chosen herb**
  • join the Sedona Aromatics School and Garden Facebook group to receive updates on how your aromatic pot is doing!

*note that you don’t receive a physical pot mailed out to you. The pot is “adopted” and kept in the garden here at Sedona Aromatics.

**the information sheet will include a botanical profile of the herb, in addition to common uses, and/or recipes where appropriate. Please note that some herbs lend themselves more to common aromatic use than others.

Choose from the following herbs:

  • thyme (various varieties)*
  • basil (various varieties)*
  • melissa/lemon balm*
  • summer savory
  • German chamomile*
  • coriander
  • parsley
  • chives
  • sweet marjoram*
  • mint (various varieties)*
  • oregano*
  • tarragon.

Those herbs marked with * are commonly used in aromatherapy practice.

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