Aromatherapy and Reflexology Foot Products, copyright Sharon Falsetto, all rights reserved
Aromatherapy and Reflexology Foot Products, copyright Sharon Falsetto, all rights reserved

While searching the internet for some reflexology information recently, I came across an interesting piece of research on aromatherapy foot soaks and the practice of reflexology in cancer patients. As a qualified reflexologist, aromatherapy and feet for me are two things that naturally go together! However, in case you are not familiar with combining the modalities of aromatherapy and reflexology, here is some information on both how I do it – and the research study.


How to Combine Aromatherapy With Reflexology

If you are giving a reflexology treatment as a practitioner, you most likely are dealing with feet (although reflexology can be carried on both the hands and ears too). This is the most common way of practicing reflexology


In my treatments of reflexology, I fill up a bowl of warm water and scatter a few rose petals in the water, as a way of both cleansing and relaxing the client’s feet. I do this while taking notes from the client to make up a suitable aromatherapy blend for them. I then use that aromatherapy blend in the treatment and give them the remainder of the blend to take home with them.


Cancer Research on Aromatherapy and Reflexology

Although neither reflexology nor aromatherapy can cure cancer, a research study on Combined Modality Treatment of Aromatherapy, Footsoak, and Reflexology Relieves Fatigue in Patients With Cancer in the Journal of Palliative Medicine concluded that cancer patients who received aromatherapy, followed by a footsoak with lavender essential oil, and then had a reflexology treatment with lavender essential oil diluted in jojoba oil suffered less fatigue.

Further investigation into this study is needed but you can read the abstract of this report here


Sedona Aromatherapie Foot Aromatherapy Make-Your-Own Products Kit

If you are looking for ways to combine aromatherapy with foot products, why not consider the Sedona Aromatherapie Foot Aromatherapy Make-Your-Own Products Kit? The kit is priced at $42.95 (plus shipping) and includes instructions, recipes and ingredients for making a peppermint aromatherapy foot soak, peppermint foot scrub and peppermint whipped foot cream. A checklist is included for using essential oils safely, including the use of peppermint essential oil.

This kit is a must for aromatherapy advocates who love their foot products!



  • author is a certified aromatherapist and reflexologist
  • Hiroyuki Kohara, Takako Miyauchi, Yoko Suehiro, Hiroshi Ueoka, Hiroyasu Takeyama, and Tatsuya Morita. Journal of Palliative Medicine. December 2004, 7(6): 791-796. doi:10.1089/jpm.2004.7.79
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