Follow Your Bliss Bracelets: Photos Used with Permission
Follow Your Bliss Bracelets: Photos Used with Permission

Back in June, I introduced you to Sedona Aromatics graduate Dawn Shipley of Blue Dawn Aromatherapy and what she had been up to since she graduated from the Sedona Aromatics Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy course.

In this week’s post, I’m introducing you to Sedona Aromatics graduate Cheryl Murphy who completed her aromatherapy certificate in March 2016. In a few short months since graduation, Cheryl not just made an impression on me with her aromatherapy studies, but is already passing her new found knowledge onto the aromatherapy world in several ways!

I also have had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl in person a couple of times throughout her studies, so that made this interview a little more personal, given that most distance learning students do not normally have that luxury.

  1. What (or who) inspired you to begin your journey into aromatherapy?

I began using essentials oils about ten years ago. At that time I was just beginning to “go green” and wanted to find more natural ways to clean my house than using harsh chemicals. A few years later I was introduced to essential oils again through one of the MLM companies. I was intrigued about all the claims for using essential oils, it all sounded “too good to be true” so I began doing my research. As a lifelong learner, I decided to take a certification course to educate myself about proper usage of essential oils. Unable to find one in my area, I searched for the most rigorous online course I could find. This is how I found my way to Sedona Aromatherapie LLC and Sharon Falsetto.

  1. You are the founder of Follow Your Bliss Bracelets which contains an element of aromatherapy. Tell us a little bit about how this works – and why you decided to put your aromatherapy knowledge into bracelets!

I began making simple gemstone bracelets for family and friends in 2011. They were so well received and I had so many requests for more that I decided to start my business, FYB Bracelets in 2012. I sell my work in retail stores, yoga studios and select festivals throughout the year. I also have an online presence on Etsy and I have my own website.

My designs are often a reflection of my personal interests (yoga, nature, meditation and spirituality). As I became more interested in aromatherapy, it seemed natural to find a way to incorporate it into my bracelets. I found the best way to do so was to add a porous lava stone to my designs. This allows the wearer to apply a single drop of an essential oil, essential oil blend, or even a favorite perfume to the bead for “aromatherapy on the go.” The scent lasts for 1-3 days, depending on the oil and then the oil can be reapplied or a new scent can be used. My customers like the fusion of fashion and function!

One of my favorite aspects of the business is creating personalized custom pieces for my customers. I love to help them find and follow their BLISS! I also conduct workshops where I teach the metaphysical and healing properties of gemstones. These workshops are quite “hands on” and the participants get to touch and feel the stones before selecting the gemstone beads that resonate most with them. Then they design their own personal bracelet. I’m currently working on getting this service available through my website.

3. You are also co-owner of Essential Bliss. Do you think that taking a course in aromatherapy has helped you better promote yourself/succeed in the aromatherapy business? If so, how/why?

My friend and fellow Sedona Aromatics student, Tammy Ewen, and I decided to start Essential Bliss before either of us completed our certification! We had NO idea how much we had to learn! Taking the course has had a profound impact on what we sell and how we sell it. We are currently developing a line of products for an upcoming yoga festival and our studies have enabled us to blend with confidence as well as make sure our labeling is accurate and up to standards. The extensive knowledge of the safe use of essential oils that we learned in our course has enabled us to pass that information on to our customers through our products and personal interaction with them.

4. Since completing your aromatherapy course, where has your aromatherapy journey taken you?

Since completing my course with Sedona Aromatherpie LLC, I have had an article published in the 2016 summer edition of the NAHA Journal (2016.2) and I am now signed on as a regular writer for the next few editions. I am also working my way through the Caddy Chemistry course offered through Sedona Aromatics. 

In the future, I plan to conduct individual aromatherapy consultations though Essential Bliss as well as develop some essential oil workshops/training to be presented locally. My dream is to have a retail space where I can combine my jewelry making and aromatherapy services under one roof.

5. What advice do you have for other aspiring aromatherapy students who may be considering an aromatherapy course?

I would advise aspiring students to get as much education as possible and take the 250 hour training if they have the means. Once they get started, I would tell them that, though it may seem daunting, if they just take it one step at a time they will be one step closer to completing their certification or course. Education and knowledge are so empowering!

6. Finally, where can readers find out more about you?

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