Sedona Aromatics' Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Sedona Aromatics’ Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

03/20/20: This is an informational post due to the current COVID-19 crisis.

This past week has been a crazy week for all of us. Today we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation of modern times. Schools and businesses are closing day by day and we find ourselves becoming increasingly self-isolated in our homes.

As an auto-immune compromised person myself, I know how frightening that can be. So, we have put the following protocols in place to keep ourselves and our business safe. This may change, given that the situation is fluid, so we will continue to update you as best as we can. And, of course, you can always email us directly with questions.

Onsite Workshops

Booked workshops from now through mid-April: I have been working individually with students who have booked onsite workshops with us in the next few weeks. In each instance, we have come to an agreement that each side is happy with.

Booked workshops from mid-April: For any workshops booked from mid-April onward, we will reassess the situation in a couple of weeks. Please contact me in the meantime if you have any concerns.

For workshops not yet booked: We currently won’t be taking any new onsite workshop bookings, although they will still be advertised on the website. Hopefully, we will be able to accept new bookings again by late spring. Please check with us before booking if you are interested in attending a workshop.

Online Courses

Online courses remain unaffected. Both myself and my assistant work remotely, so we will continue to update the website, process orders for courses, and provide student support as usual.

Printed workbooks: We will continue to mail out printed workbooks as requested, although service maybe a little slower than usual. Please check with us if you have any concerns. Should mailing services reduce hours or temporarily suspend services, we will update you accordingly.

Online Shop

The online shop will operate as usual. As long as we can continue to receive supplies to fulfill orders, we will process and send out orders in the usual way. Should mailing services reduce hours or temporarily suspend services, we will update you accordingly.

We currently have some great offers on some items and services! Support us to support you during this difficult time.

Professional Writing and Editing Services

I personally offer professional writing and editing services remotely through online (email), video and voice calls. Therefore this service is uninterrupted and I appreciate your continued support during this time. Check out some of our special offers as well.

Onsite Client Consultations and Garden Visits

Onsite services and garden visits will be temporarily suspended for the foreseeable future to protect myself and my home.

However, I can still offer client consultations by video and voice calls, and through email! Any blends can be mailed to you free of charge during this period.

Follow Us on Social Media

You can follow along with garden updates on Instagram and through the Sedona Aromatics School and Garden Facebook page and, to a lesser extent, through our Facebook business page.

Sedona Aromatics students and graduates also have a separate school Facebook group page to stay updated on current events.

And don’t forget: By staying subscribed to our mailing list, you will be the first to know of any changes, offers, and developments!

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