So you’ve studied hard and are now ready to set up your own practice! How do you go about it?
Setting up an aromatherapy business is not easy – even harder if you start in a country which isn’t your own – like I did! There will be a lot of learning curves, things that will work and things that won’t work. And don’t expect it to happen overnight – building any type of business can take years. What works for one person may not work for you, so its difficult to sometimes figure it all out. You may set out with one idea which evolves into something else over time (which happened to me).
My introductory article How to Set Up a Complementary Health Business may help get you started. However, bear in mind that this article was written in very general terms – both in terms of the complementary health discipline practiced and the country. It should give you a few pointers though if you simply haven’t got a clue!
You may be surprised where your journey takes you – keep an open mind and keep believing in your passion and see where you end up!
I intend to build on this article with future articles too.
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