25 Fun Aromatherapy Recipes for the Bath Ebook


This 24 page bath products e-book is packed with 25 fun recipes and basic instructions for making natural bath products such as aromatherapy bath salts, scrubs, bath bombs, bath melts, and bath oils.

A comprehensive little book of recipes for those who love to make bath products!


The 25 Fun Aromatherapy Recipes for the Bath Ebook was one of the first ebooks written by Sharon Falsetto, a certified aromatherapist and published author. Sharon wanted to share how easy making simple aromatherapy products could be – with the right guidance and attention to safety aspects of essential oils.

The 25 Fun Aromatherapy Recipes for the Bath Ebook is packed with 25 easy recipes and basic instructions for making aromatherapy bath scrubs, bath salts, bath oils, bath melts, and bath bombs. It is written with the beginner in mind.

You can find the majority of these bath and body recipes, along with more comprehensive information on aromatherapy, essential oils and carrier oils, plus the full instructions on how to make each product (with tips) in the Basic Bath Products with Essential Oils tutorial (coming soon!).

This is a great introduction into the world of making aromatherapy bath products if you are unsure of committing to a more costly course!

“Exactly as described! Thank you!” Stephanie, Etsy Customer

Recipes included in the 25 Fun Aromatherapy Recipes for the Bath ebook are:

Salts: Seductive Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Skin Soothing Bath Salts, Stress Relieving Bath Salts, Ultimate Luxury Bath Salts, Simple Lavender Bath Salts

Scrubs: Facial Scrub for Oily Skin, Mixed Scrub for Feet, Coffee Sugar Scrub, Salt Scrub for Hard Skin, Exotic Body Sugar Scrub

Bath Bombs: Spicy Orange Mix, Simple Lavender, Citrus Explosion Mix, Chocolate Rose Mix, Lift the Clouds Mix

Bath Melts: Peppermint and Chocolate Bath Melts, Orange Flowers Bath Melts, Meditative Bath Melts, Lemon Lavender Bath Melts, Chamomile Flowers Bath Melts

Bath Oils: Lavender, Rose, and Geranium Mix, Exotic Flowers with a Hint of Zest Mix, Far East Mix, Hint of the Forest Mix, Time for Bed Mix.

You will also find safety information as applicable.

Lots of great recipes to make personal gifts for the Holidays, a birthday, or just because….

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