25 Simple Perfume Recipes with Essential Oils Ebook


An easy and fun way to make some simple aromatherapy perfume products at home!


The 25 Simple Perfume Recipes with Essential Oils Ebook was  the third ebook written by Sharon Falsetto, a certified aromatherapist and published author. Sharon wanted to share how easy making simple aromatherapy recipes could be – with the right guidance and attention to safety aspects of essential oils.

The 25 Simple Perfumes with Essential Oils Ebook is packed with 25 easy recipes and basic instructions for making natural perfumed body products such as perfume spritzers (also called sprays), perfume oils, solid perfumes, and perfumes and colognes with an alcohol base. It is written for beginners but the experienced aromatherapist and/or product formulator will probably find it useful as well.

“Fantastic! I love all of your books!” John, Etsy customer

You can find the majority of these natural perfume recipes, along with more comprehensive information on natural perfume making and essential oils, plus the full instructions on how to make each product (with tips), in the Natural Perfumes with Essential Oils tutorial (coming soon!).

This is a great introduction into the world of making natural perfume products if you are unsure of committing to a more costly course!

“So pleased! This pdf is packed with amazing info and recipes. A GREAT buy!” Indiegrrl, Etsy customer

Recipes included in the 25 Simple Perfumes with Essential Oils ebook are:

Sprays: Wood Mix, Floral Mix, Oriental Mix, Citrus Mix, Uplifting Mix, Gentle Mix, Aphrodisiac Mix

Oils: Ancient Pompeian Mix, Hint of the Forest Mix, Seductive Mix, Bedtime Mix, Relaxing Mix, Calming Mix

Solid Perfumes: Exotic Aphrodisiac Mix, Citrus Blossom Mix, Lemon Spice Mix, Far East Mix, Simple Floral Mix, Scented Feet Mix, Classic Mix

Perfumes and Colognes: Perfume #1, Perfume #2, Perfume #3, Eau-de-cologne #4, Eau-de-cologne #5

You will also find safety information as applicable.

“Absolutely love the recipes I have made and tried. Thank you for having accurate recipes, they are so hard to find!” Scarlet, Etsy customer

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