Aromatherapy Formulation Review Consultation

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Set fee per aromatherapy formulation review (one product per review)

Need someone to review your aromatherapy formulation before making the product? Or do you just need a second opinion? Look no further! I can help.

Led under the expert guidance of recognized aromatherapist professional Sharon Falsetto Chapman.




The Aromatherapy Formulation Review Consultation was designed with aromatherapists and formulators in mind who need some extra help. Have you formulated an aromatherapy blend and need someone to check it over and/or try it out? Then you’re in the right place!

Note that it typically takes about a month to complete an aromatherapy formulation review consultation, depending on Sharon’s schedule and if you want a sample product created and tested (extra charge). Submitting a sample aromatherapy product made up from your formulation is optional (in addition to submitting the actual blend formulation for review) but it helps to give better feedback.

“I took a deep breath in of that final blend…let me tell you…over a year later it still smells amazing! The purpose of the aroma for stress relief is true to the intent.” Maggi S., Custom Blend Formulation Client

Review of an Aromatherapy Formulation

What it includes:

  • Review of one aromatherapy formulation.
  • An initial 30-minute session (via zoom) to go over what you’d like me to review and what you expect to get out of the aromatherapy formulation review process.
  • Emailing of all paperwork to me for review, including your blend formulation.
  • You can choose to send me a finished sample product for review as well. Note that if you wish me to make the sample aromatherapy product for review, stock costs are not included in the consultation price, and I will also charge for the time taken to complete the sample product before I can review it.
  • I will complete one initial review of the aromatherapy product and send you a completed document of my review, suggestions for changes, safety aspects, and other pertinent information. 
  • The expert guidance of a recognized professional in the aromatherapy industry.

What it doesn’t include:

  • Multiple aromatherapy formulation reviews of different products. Please add the number of products you wish for me to review to the cart.
  • Cost of supplies and ingredients for formulating your aromatherapy product for review.
  • Time taken to formulate a sample product for review.
  • Legal advice pertaining to the product.

The Aromatherapy Formulation Review Customer

Who it is designed for:

  • Aromatherapists requiring the help and expertise of an acknowledged and experienced aromatherapy formulator in the industry
  • Cosmetic/Bath and Body Business Owners
  • Aromatherapy Business Owners
  • Herbal Business Owners
  • Aroma Entrepreneurs.

Why Sharon Falsetto Chapman?

Sharon Falsetto Chapman has been formulating aromatherapy and aromatic perfume blends since 2006. She trained at the Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy in England before moving to the United States. She has furthered her education through online courses and in-person workshops and conferences. Sharon has also developed a keen intuition for scent through the creation of her aromatic gardens on her one-acre private homestead property, located in Sedona, Arizona. She works one-on-one with plants in growing, distilling, and infusing various aromatic extractions. Sharon is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy (New York: Skyhorse Publishing).

Sharon has formulated custom blends for various clients over the years including an international airline company, an international hotel chain, small business owners, mom and pop organizations, and those just looking for their own custom perfume! She teaches online on creating your own custom aromatherapy blends, in addition to teaching at international conferences on how to formulate the perfect blend. She is in the process of creating her first botanical perfume line.

When choosing the “right” person to review your aromatherapy formulations, consider the experience, education, knowledge, and reputation of the person and/or business.

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