Aromatic Perfume in the Garden Workshop

$150.00 $125.00

When: On demand for 2020. Please check available dates before purchasing.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are not accepting workshop bookings through the remainder of 2020. We hope to restart onsite workshops in 2021.

Time: 1 pm – 4 pm.

Cost: $150 per person.

Class sizes are small to give a one-on-one experience where possible.

Women Only Workshop. 

Please note that my dog, a cavalier King Charles spaniel, may be on property during the workshop.

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Aromatic Perfume in the Garden Workshop

The Aromatic Perfume in the Garden workshop is a perfect introduction to the art of blending essential oils for custom perfumes! Be prepared to be inspired, get creative, and discover a new passion in plants and aromas!

Under expert guidance, you will have unique access to a personal collection of approximately 200 different oils, waters and more. You’ll also have access to our library of approximately 100 aromatherapy and plant books to learn more about the plants and oils you choose to use in your perfume creation.

In the Aromatic Perfume in the Garden workshop you will:

  • Learn how to create your own aromatic oil-based perfume roll-on, with at least five essential oils.
  • Learn about perfume notes, cautions, and dilution rates associated with your perfume blend (including worksheets and charts for reference).
  • Discover how the distillation of essential oils is carried out, with access to our on-site aromatic copper still (this is not a live distillation, just a chance to view the equipment and learn how it works).
  • Discover how different aromatic plants grow and the part of the plant the essential oil is extracted from, with a chance to wander the garden, see, feel, and discuss various plants (depending on season).
  • Take home your finished creation!

You will have access to:

  • Our extensive library of aromatherapy and plant books (approx. 100 books)
  • Our apothecary of essential oils, carrier oils, infused oils, hydrosols and plant extracts (200 or more)
  • Our garden of aromatic plants (in season).

You will take home:

  • A course workbook which will include profiles of popular essential oils and extracts used in aromatic perfume.
  • One aromatic blend creation.
  • The knowledge of how to create a simple aromatic perfume blend.

Weather and season permitting, we will also take herbal tea in the garden with either freshly picked aromatic plants from the garden, or dried herbs.

Location: The Aromatic Journaling™ workshop is located on a private one acre original homestead property, situated approximately five minutes outside of Sedona (West). We have a garden studio which houses our working still, and as separate room for blending and making custom blends during class and for business. Our aromatic garden surrounds the building structures (including our home) and you will be free to investigate our plants (depending upon season).

We are at the end of a private dirt road (accessible by all types of vehicles) in the quiet countryside of “original” Sedona surroundings. Full directions will be provided with your information sheet once you have paid the final balance for your workshop/retreat. We value the privacy and quiet of our surroundings, so be mindful of your interaction with residents and nature when visiting us.

What’s Included: Refreshments such as coffee, tea, water, and juice are provided due to our more remote location.

Continuing Education (CE Credits): Continuing education (CE) credits are available to meet National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) CE requirements and the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) CE requirements (3 hours for each workshop).

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