Balancing the Numbers for Botanical Formulations eclass


An on-demand previously recorded e-class.


This Balancing the Numbers for Bptanical Formulations eClass is INCLUDED FOR FREE in the Botanical Aromatherapy™ Membership School for current members! To sign up for our membership click here. 

Price: $45 (for non-members)

What: An intermediate eclass to learn to formulate aromatherapy blends, herbal recipes, and perfumery formulations with ease. Includes a test if you want to complete CE credit for NAHA. This class includes *a ton* of worksheets and cheat sheets!

Where: On-demand previously recorded e-class. A link to class and materials provided by a downloadable PDF after purchase is complete.

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This eclass is INCLUDED in our Botanical Aromatherapy Membership School classes for FREE!

The Balancing the Numbers for Botanical Formulations eclass will answer questions such as:

  • Do you struggle with the math in aromatherapy, herbalism and/or botanical perfumery?
  • When do you use a drop vs. an ounce? Or a gram?
  • Does it matter what plant materials you are working with?

Numbers for Aromatherapy Formulations

You can go crazy converting your perfect formulation to the “correct” sizing or ratio if you don’t have some guidelines. Over the years, I’ve worked with essential oils, bases, raw plant material and perfumery formulations. I’ve learned that there is not one size that fits all. BUT I do have some tips, guidelines – and yes, cheat sheets! – to share with you to make this less desirable side of formulating more bearable.

Plus Numbers for Herbal Formulations

In this class we:

  • Discuss the definition of drops, cups, ounces, grams, and milliliters.
  • Learn the difference between volume and weight.
  • Learn how to use math for aromatherapy, herbalism and/or perfume formulations.
  • Discuss why it matters.
  • Learn to size up blends and recipes.
  • Carry out class exercises to practice these skills.

Plus Numbers for Perfume Formulations

Whether you are blending for personal or business reasons, this class will give you the confidence to formulate more effectively, efficiently, and safely, whatever your reason for doing so. Aromatherapist? Check. Herbalist? Check. Botanical Perfumer? Check. We have you covered!

Balancing the Numbers for Botanical Formulations

I share my own personal learning experiences and discoveries over nearly two decades of blending and formulating. Blend your artist with your business head in this class and become a happier, healthier formulator!

This eClass includes a free PDF e-book of the class content for future reference!

As a NAHA Approved CE Provider, this zoom eClass counts as one CE credit, IF you complete the test after class! You will receive a certificate of completion on successful completion.

About Your Teacher:

Sharon Falsetto Chapman is a NAHA-certified professional aromatherapist® aromatherapist, herbalist, and botanical perfumer. She loves to blend and formulate all sorts of creations and she hasn’t met a challenge yet that she hasn’t conquered in this area. Sharon has been writing, editing, and teaching about aromatherapy for over fifteen years. She is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy, published by the New York Publishing House, Skyhorse Publishing. To learn more about Sharon visit Meet Our Founder.

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