Business Botanicals ™: Research and Development

$475.00 $425.00

Quick Overview:

Total Number of Hours: 5.

Value: $475*

*Savings represent the rate at which Research and Development work is usually charged at ($95 per hour) on an individual basis.

Two hours of research and three hours of development to help your business create specific descriptions for plants and products. Option to develop your own aromatherapy blend from this process.

If you choose to pay by a payment plan, your payment plan must be paid in full before release of the final work to you for the project.


Research and Development is the third building block of the Business Botanicals™ program.

Business Botanicals™ Blocks Available: Consulting, Writing and Editing (one block); Research and Development (one block); Create-a-Custom Blend (one Block).


For many years, I had similar requests from small aromatherapy business start-ups regarding writing, editing and proofing text for websites and business literature, creating a custom blend or custom blend line, and research and development of small aromatherapy business matters.

I’ve now created a custom set of “building blocks” for aromatherapy businesses to address these specific issues. Use these blocks to “build” your business and to fit your specific needs. Choose one or more Business Botanicals™ Blocks and get started on building your aromatherapy business today!

Designed For: Sedona Aromatics graduates, graduates from other aromatherapy schools, aromatherapy business start-ups, established aromatherapy businesses. Designed to empower small aromatic businesses to succeed!

Support: All work within this block is completed by Sharon Falsetto, a certified aromatherapist with over a decade of practice of aromatherapy in the United States. Learn more about Sharon’s background by visiting the About page.

Research and Development

This block is only available to businesses which are registered and set up in the United States, due to the different legal requirements between countries. This does not substitute legal advice and you are advised to check with a legal adviser before acting on any advice given.

This block includes the following:

  • Research: 2 hours of research including label content (brainstorming label names, researching INCI names, and other pertinent information required on labeling), plant, botanical, or product descriptions, (aromatic) information for websites, oils/extracts suitable for an aromatherapy product line specifically looking at required therapeutic properties and/or aroma.
  • Development: 3 hours. Written: Use the above research to develop label content, plant or product descriptions, or (aromatic) information for websites. Blend: Develop an initial blend from the research for you to make up and test yourself.

Hours within a specific block can be mixed and matched, depending on needs – total number of hours remains the same.

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